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Suitable places to visit in Italy during winter

 With the continuation of days winter As cold as February is

, it's not hard to find yourself dreaming of sunny skies. Italy has plenty of destinations that remain relatively mild during the winter. A recent survey by vacation rental site Holidu ranked the locations with the best weather.

Suitable places to visit in Italy during winter

Where are the sunniest places in Italy for a warm winter holiday? Enjoy the volcanic landscapes of Catania The elegant city of Catania on the east coast of Sicily is one of the sunniest destinations in Italy. It enjoys an average of 347 hours of sunshine per month and an average annual temperature of 18°C.

The wide central square, Piazza del Duomo, features a lavishly decorated cathedral and a playful elephant fountain. And don't miss the fish market just outside the square, where raucous haggling ensues as restaurateurs compete for the best catch.

All the while, the looming volcano Mount Etna watches over the city, often belching smoke. If you want to get up close, the trails to the summit start in town. And Messina is often just a town that tourists pass through once they arrive from the mainland and venture to other Sicilian destinations. But there is good reason to stay. One of them is 345 hours of sunshine per month and an average annual temperature of 19°C.

Warm up as you stroll through Messina's historic center, home to many stunning architectural landmarks despite the devastating earthquake of 1908. The Madonna della Litera is a gleaming golden statue of the Madonna of the Letter, the patron saint of Messina, towering over the tower of Forte San Salvatore.

Originally dating from the 12th century, the city's cathedral, the impressive Gothic Duomo di Messina, has been sensitively restored after extensive damage sustained during an earthquake. Next to the church is the bell tower adorned with one of the largest astronomical clocks in the world, built in 1933. Nearby is a 1547 fountain by Montorsoli, a student of Michelangelo, depicting Orion, one of the legendary founders of Messina, with his dog Sirius.

Palermo is the capital Sicily A must-see anyway, but everything is made even sweeter with its 340 hours of sunshine per month and average temperature of 19°C. The port city is known for its Arab-Norman architecture that defined it UNESCO It is a wonderful blend of graceful Islamic forms with shimmering Byzantine mosaics and powerful Norman structures.


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