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The city of the jinn in Turkey | Learn about the strangest cities in the world

 The city of the jinn in Turkey | Learn about the strangest cities in the world

Jinn city in Turkey


Have you ever heard on TV or on the Internet about the city of Jinn in Turkey?? And did you really wonder what this city is and why they call it that name??

It is the city of Cappadocia in Turkey, and the city of Cappadocia is classified as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey and the world, due to its beautiful and charming nature, in addition to a group of terrain and rock shapes that helped it to be one of the most distinguished cities in the world, and of course you still wonder why it was named Cappadocia, the city of gin?

So let us take you on an interesting tour in which we introduce you to the city of the jinn in Turkey, and the most important information about the history of this city, its features, and what makes it a tourist destination for thousands.

Why was Cappadocia called the city of the jinn?

Let us now answer the biggest question. The city is named after the city of the jinn located in Cappadocia, which is classified as the deepest underground city in Cappadocia. In the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, and this city is actually an amazing geological scene, in which there are many secret passages and tunnels that were used by groups of people for shelter during several centuries, and when the invaders and occupiers came, the inhabitants of Cappadocia were hiding in one of the 250 A safe haven lies underground, which is carved out of a pliable volcanic ash rock called  tuff.The history of this city dates back to the Byzantine era, and it was called the city of the jinn because it is located underground.

Jinn city in Turkey

Discover the city of gin in Cappadocia

Millions of years ago, a group of volcanic eruptions occurred that led to the formation of many layers of ash known as Tufa, and with the passage of time these layers turned into many rocks and stones, and at that time the inhabitants realized Anatolia that they were able to dig houses for them located under the ground and the slopes of the hills, and this was the first beginnings of the city of the jinn, as this city was discovered for the first time in 1963, when the workers were working on restoring a house in the region, so they discovered by chance when the collapse One of the walls is an underground room that leads to a long corridor, and after discovering that corridor, the workers realized that it leads to a very deep maze, and this was the beginning of the amazing discovery, and the reason for naming the city of the jinn in Turkey by this name is that the design of this city It was strikingly unique and unique, as many researchers confirmed the difficulty of building a city similar to it even if the tools used were very advanced, and for this reason they were surprised about the way in which the ancient inhabitants were able to build this city using some primitive tools, which made Some people make some hypotheses about the building of the jinn for this city.

The most important distinctive places in the city of Jinn

The city of the jinn has a group of distinctive places that made it a destination for tourists from all over the world, and among the most important distinctive places in the city of the jinn in Turkey:

·       The city of the jinn contains 18 floors, but only eight floors can be reached. Scientists and researchers were able to find a number of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and private rooms for storing food. They also found private rooms that were used to store oil and wine, in addition to places designated for keeping weapons, schools, cemeteries, and temples. And, of course, the sizes of these rooms differ according to the purpose for which they are used. The small rooms are tombs, while the large rooms are schools. And places for holding meetings, and the general view of this city suggests that the people who built this city had planned in order to achieve self-sufficiency, as it contains more than 50 openings to transfer air from top to bottom, in addition to thousands of small channels that work on The distribution of air throughout the city, and a group of archaeologists believe that there is a corridor with a length of approximately 8 kilometers that works to link the city of the jinn with another underground city, and this matter indicates the emergence of a large degree of cooperation between many peoples and civilizations that inhabited this region, but on the other hand, the people who built the city of the jinn were keen to design it in a way that provides them with the advantage of safety and protection, which also indicates the possibility that the dwellings that exist underground are shelters to which people live during periods of wars and invasions.

·       The doors inside the city of the jinn were designed in the form of stone discs that can be rolled, as they can be used to close the entrances and passages during periods of invasion, and in the middle of those doors there are small holes, which indicates that they were used either to shoot arrows at the attackers, or to see, and because these The doors could only be opened from the inside, as the townspeople had The ability to control it completely, and for this reason the city was more fortified, and its defense was easier.

·       Each floor in this city is connected to the other by a corridor that closes and opens with a stone door, and because these corridors are very narrow, people had to cross through them one by one, and it seems that the most important goal of this procedure was to facilitate the defense process against the attacking soldiers, as it includes The city of the jinn has a safe water system that supplies the city's residents with their needs, and the one who built the city was keen not to connect its wells to each other, so that the residents would be protected in the event that the invaders decided to poison the water coming from the surface.

·       The designers of the city of Jinn did not overlook the danger of climatic conditions, as they worked to provide protection for the city from the summer heat and the winter cold, as the temperature is constant within the city throughout the days of the year, and it is an ideal way to preserve animals, and to preserve the freshness of water wells in addition to To keep foodstuffs fresh for as long as possible, and the city of the jinn appears to be a magical place full of secrets, and for this reason visiting it has become a dream for many people, and this matter does not seem difficult to achieve, because there are a large number of tourism companies that provide travel and touring services in this wonder. natural

Jinn city in Turkey

The most important facts about the city of the jinn

There are many important facts about the city of the jinn in Turkey that many interested people do not know, and the most important and prominent of these facts:

  • Although the city of Elf is very deep, it has supplies of fresh water and air Pure even at its deepest point.
  • The city of the jinn contained a missionary school.
  • This city was considered as a refuge in times of wars and natural disasters.
  • Inside the city of the jinn, there is a group of large circular stone doors that were built very carefully with the aim of blocking the passages during wars.
  • The building can accommodate nearly 20,000 people and is equipped with special rooms for storage and military equipment, stables, oil presses, and churches..
  • Vertical staircases lead from the third and fourth floors onwards to a charming chapel It has a cruciform plan and is located at the lowest level of the city.
  • Among the more than 200 underground cities in the world, the city of the jinn in Turkey takes the spotlight because of the extraordinary things it has in its depths.
  • The city of the jinn is not the oldest and largest underground city in the world, but it is certainly the deepest city in the world.
In this way, we have given you a clear answer about why Cappadocia was called the city of the jinn, as we have provided you with the most important information about the city of the jinn in Turkey, and we advise you not to miss the opportunity to visit this charming city and enjoy one of the best experiences of the underground cities.

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