Experts warn: 2023 is the worst for temporary work visa applicants

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 Translation: Farah Safieddine -  This year is likely to be the worst year in the history of the lottery program for temporary professional (H-1B) work visas. Where experts believe that the number of applicants for the new (H-1B) visa this year may reach 500,000 people, while only about 85,000 of them will be approved, according to the Mint newspaper .

Robert Weber, a US immigration attorney, recently elaborated on some of the reasons behind this, which we present below:

Experts warn: 2023 is the worst for temporary work visa applicants

Electronic registration

This online system, which was launched for the first time in 2020, is a great mechanism because in theory it can make the whole application process very easy for employers, but in practice this is not entirely true.

The new system allows for many applications to be registered, which in the past could have been restricted by the old registration system due to the entry barrier feature. Now, due to the absence of this obstacle, the number of applicants has increased dramatically.

It is reported that the number of registrations increased in 2021 from 274,000 to 308,000, and in 2022, it reached 483,000.

The US job market is still strong enough

Officials at the US Department of Labor (DOF) said last Friday that the US economy has succeeded in creating 223,000 job opportunities, which is equivalent to about 1.7 jobs for every job seeker.

Moreover, the United States now has a strong economy. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to join the labor market is to seek the help of a consulting firm to support you in obtaining a “specialized employment” visa. Therefore, the demand for this visa is likely to increase dramatically.

Layoffs of technology companies

 There are expectations that the chances of choosing within the “lottery” will not be promising during this year, especially in light of the high-level technological layoffs. This applies to all specialized workers, even if the applicant is a student (F-1) visa holder who already works for major companies such as Amazon, Twitter, or Meta.

In this regard, Mr. Weber explained, “In addition to the risk of not being selected in the lottery due to increased demand, you have the additional risk that your job may be withdrawn if you are selected, and then you will have to look for another job.”

Last year's lottery losers

There have been a record number of lottery entries as of March 2022, which means there are plenty of losers too, who will try again this year.


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