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10 of the strangest tourist places in the world | Learn about the most amazing places on the planet

 Who among us does not want to visit the most beautiful areas on this planet and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and scenes, as millions of tourism and exploration lovers around the world are constantly searching for the most beautiful tourist places to go to and spend their vacation time in the most wonderful parts of the earth, but did it cross your mind before What you may consider strange and out of the ordinary for you is what makes some countries a destination for millions of people to see the strangest tourist places in this world??

Of course, you may think that it is just a joke, so let us introduce you to 10 of the strangest tourist areas in the world, whose strangeness and anomalies made it one of the most famous tourist attractions on the surface of this planet.

10 strangest tourist places in the world

Now, let us prove to you with conclusive evidence that strangeness and deviance from the usual was a major reason for making some places a great attraction for many tourists around the world:

1- Carching, Nebraska

Are you a fan of really strange things and looking for a place that makes you amazed by its strangeness? Well, all you have to do is go to the state of Nebraska in the United States, and there you will find one of the strangest tourist places in the whole world, and we are talking here about a monument that was not built from stones But only cars.

Yes, do not be surprised, as what you heard is absolutely correct, as the artist Jim Renderes built this monument, which consists of 39 cars, all of which are gray, and the strange thing about this monument is that it is an exact imitation of the original car models, which were arranged in a circle with a diameter of about 29 meters .

This very strange monument was built within a field located in northern Nebraska, and in 2006 a special center was built to receive visitors coming to see this eccentric place.

Carhining Nebraska

2. The Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington(Gum wall)

In the event that you decide to visit this place, do not forget to take a hand sanitizer with you, even if you do not intend to touch this wall, this does not negate that it is considered the second most polluted tourist attraction in the world.

Gum Wall or as it is called Gum WallIn the heart of Seattle in the state of Washington, the capital of the United States of America, specifically under the Pike Place Market, and in case you were wondering where that huge amount of gum came from, here's why.

When visitors to the theater at Pike Place were waiting for their turn at the box office, they were sticking gum on the wall adjacent to the market theater, which made this wall turn into one of the strangest tourist places on the surface of the planet, so this gum made this wall turn into what looks like an amazing palette of colors To the extent that some of the pioneers of this place are now drawing shapes of chewing gum, and then sticking their own souvenirs on it, as it took this wall nearly two decades to reach what it is today.

The Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington

3- The largest chest of drawers in the world

Do you consider yourself obsessed with home furnishings?

In the event that you are, here is one of the strangest tourist places in the world, which is located in the city of High Point in the state of North Carolina, America.

During the nineteenth century, and in 1926, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce decided, in an attempt to assert that the city of High Point is the “home furnishing capital of the world,” to build the largest chest of drawers in the whole world, as it reached a length of Approximately 20 feet.

In 1996, the cabinet was completely renovated, and a completely new front facade was built, in addition to the use of real drawers, all in order to give an attractive look, as a pair of giant socks was added hanging from one of the drawers.

The largest chest of drawers in the world

4. The Upside Down House in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

In case you are a fan of Newton and the theory of gravity, this place will make you rethink the subject, because it will make you feel zero gravity.

All that we mentioned is a small part of what you will feel when you visit this house in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, where this house was built to make you feel when you enter it that you are going against nature, everything inside is upside down, and you will have to look up So you can see the belongings of the house, starting from the bedrooms, to the living rooms, the kitchen and even the garage, inside which there is a car installed elaborately in the ceiling, wait do you think we are done here, let us make you feel more excitement and suspense, the windows in this view are placed so that Beautiful landscapes appear, turned upside down, which may make you feel when visiting this place that you are the upside down, not the home..

This house was built in 2012, and today it is classified as one of the strangest tourist places in the world.

The upside down house in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

5- Prada in the desert in Texas

Are you a fan of shopping, so what do you think of one of the largest stores in the world, in which you can see all that is rare and unique, including shoes and bags, but you cannot buy anything??

If you want to experience this feeling, just go to the Valentine Desert, to see a huge store where you can see everything you like through its windows, but unfortunately you will not be able to buy anything because this store does not have an actual door.

Prada in the desert in Texas

6- Giant Gundam Robot

Perhaps this place should be called the strangest tourist place in the world. We are talking here about the Gundam Front Tokyo amusement park, which is located in the Diver district located in the heart of Tokyo, which is ranked among the most beautiful cities in the world. And the most attractive for tourism and tourists.

This place will really surprise you if you are a fan of the cartoon series, Mobile Sweet Gundam, and a fan of everything related to robots or movies. converts.

When you enter this park, you will find yourself on the height of the giant Gundam robot, which is about 60 feet long, and the most surprising thing is that its head is moving, and lights are installed on it that move from its head to its feet at 50 different points to make it illuminate from every side.

Giant Gundam Robot

7- Spotted Lake in Canada

If you are a lover of exotic landscapes, why not visit Spotted Lake, as this lake is revered by the indigenous Okanagan (Silkes) people because they believe that this lake is sacred, as in the summer its waters evaporate leaving behind small mineral pools, and the strange thing is Each spot is different in color from the other, as this unique lake can be seen on the highway.

Spotted lake in Canada

8- Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island, Philippines    

Perhaps this place is ideal for chocolate lovers, as the strange conical hills of Bohol, which number about 1,700 hills, spread in the center of the island in the Philippines, which are characterized by different heights, but are so regular in shape that some may mistake them and think they are man-made.

The thing that made this region one of the strangest tourist places in the world is that these hills acquire the title of the Chocolate Hills only in the dry season, when the leaves turn from lush green to brown..

Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island, Philippines

9- Salar de Uni Desert in Bolivia

Who would have thought that a desert would enter the list of the strangest tourist places in the world!!

But this unique desert is really very strange, as it will take you on a tour in the sky among its white clouds on its blue carpet. At first glance, you will never believe that it is just particles of salt, but the Salar de Uni desert is classified as the world's largest desert of salt. As for the thing that will make you dream and add to your fun tour, it is covered with a thin layer of clear water, which will give you a charming and strange impression that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Salar de Uni desert in Bolivia

10- Bone Church in the Czech Republic

In conclusion, let us introduce you to one of the strangest tourist places in the whole world, which is the Church of the Bones in the Czech Republic.

This church will make you feel terrified of what you will see in it as there are real skeletons everywhere.

This church is located in the city of Kutnahora, in the Czech Republic, and it is a small church, which later turned into one of the strangest tourist places ever, after using real human skeletons. After the black death spread in the city of Kutnahora, nearly 40,000 bodies were buried inside this The church, and after it decomposed, the church used these structures in the process of decorating everything in the church. 

Bone Church in the Czech Republic

Here our journey has come to an end, and we have presented you with 10 of the strangest tourist places in the world, which will make you astonished and amazed by the eccentric things and departures from the ordinary.


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