When is the best time to visit the Czech city of Prague?

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 When is the best time to visit Prague? Tourists often ask questions about the best time to visit Prague and the best seasons of the year when the weather is great. They also wonder about winter and snowfall during Christmas. In fact, Prague is a very beautiful city, and it has a lot of experiences to offer tourists throughout the year. Here are some important tips that you should know if you are going to visit Prague.

When is the best time to visit the Czech city of Prague?

Prague weather

The weather in the Czech Republic is unpredictable, as the weather witnesses significant changes from time to time. Generally speaking, the period from late spring to early autumn, ie the second half of May and June and September, are the most beautiful periods of the year when the weather is pleasant and the temperature is about 20°C. The weather is sunny or partly sunny, and temperatures are moderate in the evening. If you prefer hot weather, you can visit Prague in July and August, when the weather is dry and warm. During late spring and summer, the day is long (until 9 pm in May, until 10 pm in July). In autumn the day is short (it lasts until 8 pm in September).

number of tourists

Prague is crowded with tourists in the summer months, especially July and August. The number of tourists decreases in late spring and early fall. The cooler months (November, January, February and March) see a sharp drop in the number of tourists. And if you are a fan of the cold winter, and you want to enjoy visiting Prague away from the crowds, you can travel during these cold months. But don't forget that the days are short, and it gets dark around 4:30 or 5:30 in the evening.

    Christmas holidays

Prague enjoys a special charm during the celebration of Christmas, especially when the city is covered with snow. Unfortunately, Christmas and snow rarely go together. During this period, the city is decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas markets open their doors to everyone.

Prague under the snow

Winter in Prague is an exceptional season. The weather during winter varies from year to year. Winter usually sees a significant drop in the number of tourists. So, if you want to have fun in Prague during the winter, be sure to check the weather so you can bring appropriate clothing.

Easter holiday

You can visit Prague in early spring, to enjoy seeing the city decorated during Easter and the Easter markets open their doors. The festivities begin two weeks before the Easter holiday and continue for a week after.

Prague in autumn

Prague becomes very beautiful during autumn when the leaves fall and colorful leaves cover the ground, usually during the second half of October. Throughout October, autumnal weather is a mix of sunny and cloudy days, fresh air and maybe some rain. November is cooler than October, so don't forget to bring warm clothes.

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