Top 8 leisure activities you can enjoy in Cairo

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 Your chance to spend some fun time in Cairo and stay in the best hotels in Cairo , while visiting the most famous tourist places that you deserve to see and take some great photos and videos there. Do not miss the opportunity at this time. Tour prices are as cheap as possible and hotel accommodation is cheaper, so travel immediately. . 

The Pyramids of Giza and the most important Egyptian places to visit

Top 8 leisure activities you can enjoy in Cairo

The pyramids are one of the most famous pharaonic tourist attractions in Egypt, their splendor and beauty are the dazzling attraction. But during your trip, you will find many interesting tourist places there, such as: the Egyptian Museum as well as the International Grand Egyptian Museum, which attracts tourists from different countries of the world, which will be opened to the world in an amazing ceremony, and you can visit a global tourist place called the ancient Saqqara cemetery, these places were for example The example is not limited to. 

You may have time now to travel and visit Cairo during this time of the year. What do you think about trying to stay in the embrace of the Nile River in the best hotels in Cairo ? Many things and architectural developments that were built recently made it easier for tourists to access archaeological and heritage sites, as well as in Egypt it became a global tourist walkway and cafes that mimic international cafes.

The most famous tourist attraction in Cairo

If you are wondering how to spend a wonderful time in Cairo now and want to get to know the most famous tourist attractions in it, after you have made a reservation and stayed in the best hotels in Cairo, you will find a lot to discover and get to know you in this Egyptian capital a lot to see, as accommodation in Egypt’s hotels is affordable, and The fees for visiting museums and cafes are cheap compared to any country in the world, and it includes many attractions that you can reach at the lowest costs, no more than a few dollars. 

Travel to Egypt at the lowest costs

If you are traveling to the Egyptian capital “Cairo”. On a tight budget and want to see the entire city. On a limited number of visits and leeway on cheap or even free day trips. We'll guide you through the best free tours you can take in Cairo and the best Cairo hotels. You can look for accommodation offers at the lowest prices and in the most beautiful hotels with a charming view of the Nile River.

Khan El Khalili Market

Tourist trips to Cairo are not complete without visiting the Khan El Khalili market area. This market is one of the most popular places where you find foreigners enjoying buying antiques and souvenirs. It is an ideal place to buy all souvenirs for family and friends and to decorate your home after your return from your wonderful tourist trip.

 Khan El Khalili Bazaar still includes many craft workshops for traditional handicrafts, since ancient times. In the event that you want to buy silver ornaments, ancient Egyptian heritage textiles, Egyptian incense, or pass through the narrow streets where sellers spread there in many streets in the area, there are famous cafes, most notably al-Fishawi coffee and many cafes that offer Arabic coffee, shisha, traditional popular drinks and sessions Which you will not find similar in any country in the world.

Egypt's Best Free Trials - Visit Al Moez Street

Escape from the traditional tours and discover the “real Cairo” with a wonderful sightseeing tour in the old heritage Al-Muizz Street. It is part of the ancient ancient city of Cairo and your gateway to get to know Islamic Cairo.

It is one of the oldest places in Cairo which is still surrounded by the historic walls of Cairo. Cairo Al-Muizz li-Din Allah the Fatimid is home to several beautiful ancient mosques built by the Egyptians in ancient times, such as: Al-Hakim and the sprawling Sultan Qalawun complex with educational building and stunning mausoleum. Try a cup of the famous cane juice there from one of the shops. It's sweet, refreshing, cheap and quenching! You will discover that this part of Cairo is a symbol of authenticity.

The best free things to do in Cairo

Discover Egyptian history in Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square is one of the most famous Egyptian squares, where you find world-famous hotels overlooking the Nile River, and there is the Egyptian Museum, which witnessed the transfer ceremony of many pharaonic mummies of the most famous ancient kings of Egypt in the country from the Egyptian Museum, which is located on one side of the square, to the new National Museum For the Egyptian civilization in Fustat, which is ancient Egypt. The square is wonderful and walking around it is very enjoyable. It is close to some streets that include many famous stores and shops in Cairo, namely the downtown area and Fouad Street and its environs.

St Simon's Cave Church

It is a building of worship for the Christian religion carved on the side of a mountain. The church includes intricate carvings of scenes of the Bible, the Bible, and it is large in size, as it can accommodate about 17,000 people. You should visit the Church of St. Simon’s Cave, which is still open for worship to Christians until today and is often full of tourists and visits Egyptian school students during the morning and noon times!

Admission to St Simon's Cave Church is free

The important thing is to know that there is only one way into the church. This road passes through the so-called Garbage City which is the garbage collection and recycling area. It is said that the Christian inhabitants of the area dug the church in the seventies of the last century. 

Visit the Ibn Tulun Mosque

If you have a desire to visit one of the most famous mosques in Cairo for free and without paying any entrance fees, the Ibn Tulun Mosque is the ideal place that we recommend you to visit. The mosque is located in the Islamic city of Cairo and is one of the largest mosques in Old Cairo.

It is one of the oldest Egyptian mosques, built in 884 AD. You will find that the minaret, which is in the iconic style of the mosque, turns towards the sky in the form of a rectangle. It is a place worth visiting and going up the stairs to see the wonderful view. For the mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, who was Ibn Abd and then rose to rule Egypt in the ninth century. 

The Tulunid dynasty ruled Egypt for only 37 years before it was overthrown. In fact, the most famous reason why history mentions Ibn Tulun is the only mosque. Knowing that visiting the Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo is free. It is one of the oldest mosques in Africa.

Relax in Al-Azhar Park

The city of Cairo is one of the most wonderful places that you enjoy visiting, where you feel intimate and close to your heart. In it, you will also find many parks and green spaces to enjoy in a calm atmosphere, in one of the best free places and recreational tours that you can take in Cairo by visiting Al-Azhar Park. 

It is a vast park located just three kilometers from the downtown area and has been designed on land that has been deserted for more than 200 years. It is a wonderful garden inspired by the scenes of gardens in the historical Islamic style, which includes a wonderful bouquet of trees, fountains, fans and an unparalleled lake. 

In Al-Azhar Park, you will find a large open-air theater. Al-Azhar Park is listed as one of the sixty largest and most beautiful public spaces in the world. They serve as the perfect recreational antidote to the city bustle. Hiking around Al-Azhar Park is one of the best free recreational tours. What you can do in Cairo and a great opportunity to discover it.

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