8 delicious Georgian dishes that you must try when visiting Tbilisi

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 Given Georgia's location close to Russia, some may think that Georgian food dishes are mostly inspired by Russian cuisine, but the truth is that Georgia offers its visitors unique and special dining experiences, inspired by the ancient Georgian culture that dates back thousands of years. The dishes are usually rich in carbohydrates, dairy products and vegetables, and some religious rituals require eating meat-free food at certain times of the year, which is of course an ideal choice for lovers of vegetarian dishes. Georgian dishes are also distinguished by their spicy taste (perhaps thanks to their Persian and Turkish neighbours) and the use of fresh herbs in large quantities. And the locals like to eat in large quantities. In this article, you will find a list of some of the most famous foods in Georgia that must be tried when visiting Tbilisi.

1- Khinkali pancakes

Khinkali pancakes

This dish is most famous in the Republic of Georgia and is a mixture of Russian pelmeni, ravioli and Chinese dumplings. Khinkali is prepared by stuffing the dough with different meats or potatoes and cheese, then it is cooked. There is a certain ritual for eating khinkali dumplings, where it is preferable to grab the dumpling from the top, bite off a small piece, sip the juice and leave the piece of dough in the plate, but it is okay if you leave nothing in the plate. And you can eat the best khinkali dumplings at Zakhar Zakharich Restaurant, which still masters the preparation of dumplings by hand. The minimum order in restaurants is usually 5 pies.

2- Badrijani Nigvzit eggplant dish

Badrijani Nigvzit eggplant dish

It is one of the delicious Georgian dishes, which is prepared with eggplant and walnuts, where the thin slices of grilled eggplant are covered with walnut paste with the addition of blue fenugreek, tarragon vinegar and dried velvet, which are slightly exotic ingredients that give the dish an unusual taste. Racha House is famous for serving this delicacy, and it is located near the Open Air Museum of Ethnography in Tbilisi. In this restaurant, eggplant is wrapped in beautiful flowers and pomegranate seeds are added to it.

3- Khachapuri bread

Khachapuri bread

Bread is considered sacred in the Caucasus, where it is not allowed to be disposed of in rubbish bins, and you will notice that there are plastic bags attached to the outside of the rubbish bins for the bread to be placed in. Khachapuri is an open flatbread topped with salty sulguni cheese. There is a lobyani bread stuffed with beans and a bread stuffed with potatoes. The most popular khachapuri is the boat-shaped bread with egg yolk, cheese and butter added. Adjarian khachapuri is famous for serving delicious khachapuri bread that will not make you feel hungry for at least 24 hours.

4- Kharcho soup dish

Kharcho soup dish

Almost every Georgian menu is without this delicious dish, which is prepared using beef, plum puree and ground walnuts, which gives the dish a unique taste that is a mixture of sweet and sour, in addition to its distinctive texture. You can enjoy this delicious dish at the Megrelian restaurant, and don't forget to order the fried polenta balls.

5- Pkhali plate

Pkhali plate

It is a vegetarian dish consisting of a mixture of beetroot, nettles, cabbage, spinach and other leafy greens, tossed with crushed walnuts, garlic and fresh herbs. This dish is a mixture of salad and dipping sauce. Shavi Lomi is famous for presenting this dish in a unique style with five ingredients, in addition to crackers and cheese.

6- Chikhirtma chicken soup

Chikhirtma chicken soup

Light chicken broth with egg whites, tart citrus, onion and lentils. The soup is served with a large piece of lean meat. Culinarium Khasheria is famous for serving this dish, which is known for its high nutritional value, with the famous Georgian beer.

7- Lobio plate

Lobio plate

This hearty Georgian dish consists of beans cooked with onions and spices, served in an earthen pot with pickles, fresh spring onions and bread. There is also lobio Racha, associated with Georgia's western highlands, which contains pork. You can enjoy lobio and other classic dishes at Duquani's Tavern, which has an authentic Georgian theme.

8- Georgian Salad

Georgian Salad

The Republic of Georgia is famous for growing tomatoes with great flavour. The Georgian salad consists of pieces of tomato and cucumber with basil, coriander, olive oil, red onions, a little lettuce and watercress. But the secret lies in the famous Georgian nut sauce. Keto and Kote Café is famous for serving Georgian salad with salty cheese.

In addition to restaurants and cafes that serve delicious Georgian dishes. The locals are also known for their hospitality and culinary prowess. So, if you are invited to eat at a local's home, you must accept the invitation immediately.

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