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W Dubai, The Palm launches Palm Sugar Amplified Brunch

W Dubai, The Palm launches Palm Sugar Amplified Brunch 

W Dubai - The Palm is taking the Palm Sugar Brunch atmosphere at Wet Deck to another level with the launch of the Palm Sugar Amplified Brunch on March 27th.

Wet Deck is located amidst the enchanting W Dubai - The Palm, revealing the most beautiful views of the shimmering Jumeirah Beach and the stunning Dubai skyline with an adults-only pool and a great beach ambiance.

Guests will enjoy a busy day with food and drinks, entertainment from local artists, and fun games and stalls.

W Dubai, The Palm launches Palm Sugar Amplified Brunch

As the sun sets, guests can head to the beach to complete the festivities and enjoy exclusive access to the beach party, where performances will be held with the participation of the “Island After” band that will perform the finest house and electronic music from around the world, in addition to the award-winning English DJ duo “Holaphonic” who They are the first dance music duo to sign with a record label in the Middle East.

Show: Palm Sugar Amplified Brunch with DJ Smokinggrove and Chef Codes 

Date: Friday, March 27

Time: 1 pm - 5 pm

Venue: W Dubai - The Palm, Wet Deck

Price: AED 545 per person inclusive of pool access, unlimited drinks and appetizers, and free entry to the beach after the party

Offer: Keep at Beach

From sunset until 10 pm

The most wonderful musical atmosphere on the beach with a program of entertainment shows

Price: 100 dirhams per person including two drinks

 For more information, follow us on social media: @wdubaipalm

Or visit

For reservations: 04 245 5800


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