Tourist guide in the US state of Miami

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 Miami is the city of magic and beauty, one of the most important cities in America, where it is characterized by wonderful beaches, picturesque nature, and beautiful wildlife, making it the best city in the United States of America. around the world.

Tourist guide in the US state of Miami

Tourism in Miami is an important national resource for the country, as it is a tourist country par excellence, as it provides its visitors with all the elements of tourism from history, charming nature, soft beaches, biological diversity, entertainment, markets, a group of luxury hotels, and more.
Best places to visit in Miami

Miami Beach

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Miami and the most attractive for tourists, where the moderate climate, warm sun and soft sand, in the midst of an unparalleled natural atmosphere, is extremely popular with tourists and locals for a perfect vacation away from the stresses of daily life.

Miami Beach also has a variety of favorite tourist activities for visitors through water sports such as swimming, diving, surfing, enjoying the wonderful colorful balloons, flying over the beach and sea water, and taking the most beautiful souvenir photos in an imaginary atmosphere.

Miami Parrot Forest Island

The park includes a huge variety of animals and birds of various shapes and species, such as ciliated turtles, snakes, African penguins, and also includes the only “cassowary” bird in the world that is highly cared for.

It is one of the places that attracts large numbers of foreign and local tourists who love walking and hiking, feeding and petting animals, and taking the most beautiful souvenir photographs with colorful and rare birds.

Coral Castle

One of the most important tourist places in Miami, which attracts everyone. It contains many large stones, some of which weigh tons, and is characterized by its coral-like shape. It also includes a group of impressive and eye-catching celestial sculptures and planets.

Monkey Forest in Miami

One of the most important areas of tourism in Miami, where the green nature represented by public parks and the methods of entertainment and entertainment for all visitors in general and children in particular.

The forest contains a diverse and distinct group of monkeys, gorillas and orangutans, which move freely naturally, so it is one of the ideal and favorite places for tourists who love calm and recreation in a natural atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, so do not miss the visit

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