The most prominent tourist attractions in Venice

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 The city of Venice (Venice) is one of the most famous tourist cities in Italy, as it attracts more than 13 million tourists every year, because it is characterized by its unique architectural character. 400 bridges, and between these islands there are about 170 canals that pass through them, and that makes boats the most popular means of transportation in the city. Moreover, the city holds many wonderful events and festivals every year, and the most prominent of these festivals is the Venice Film Festival, which is considered by filmmakers as one of the most important international film festivals, which is being held this year in its 79th session, and is currently exclusively hosted by the TravelTales camera in Venice to cover all the scenes behind the participating films, as well as to highlight the Arab participation there.

Venice has many tourist attractions that attract tourists from all sides; Here is a list of the most prominent ones:

The most prominent tourist attractions in Venice

San Marco Campanile Tower in Venice

It is considered one of the most beautiful and famous towers in Italy. It is a bell tower belonging to the Church of St. Mark, and is a famous symbol of the city of Venice to the extent that it is spread on many postcards and tourist advertisements.

San Marco Campanile Tower is one of the most beautiful and famous towers in Italy

The tower extends at a height of 99 meters, making it the tallest building in Venice, and its visitors climb 323 steps to reach its summit in order to have the opportunity to see the best view in the area, as it is famous for its distinctive view of the best sights of Venice.

Piazza San Marco is the tourist heart of Venice, and it is one of the most famous squares and squares in the city, as it is home to famous tourist attractions such as St. It offers a variety of menus of food and sweets, and there are several local stores specializing in the world of high-end fashion, as well as kiosks selling art glass, gifts and antiques.

    Lido is one of the islands of Venice and is a resort and residential suburb with a quiet atmosphere and ideal for enjoying a wonderful and unforgettable vacation with family or friends, where beautiful beaches, snack kiosks, various restaurants and luxury hotels are available, and wonderful festivals such as the Venice Film Festival are held, and are considered It serves as a passageway between Venice and the Adriatic Sea.

    Rialto Bridge in Venice

    It is the most famous bridge in Venice, and one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.

      Considered the true heart of Venice, the bridge is distinguished by its unique design that has made it a strong and durable bridge for a long time. On its 24-foot-high plinth, there are nearly 12,000 wooden buildings that still support the bridge more than 400 years after it was built.

        Basilica of San Marco in Venice, Italy

        One of the most important tourist and archaeological attractions in the Italian city of Venice, located at the eastern end of Piazza San Marco, next to the Doge's Palace. It was originally the Doge's Church until it became the city's cathedral since 1807 AD. With its details, where the decorations and colorful shapes on the walls, columns and arches, and from the inside, the cathedral enjoys its decorations that spread on its walls and courtyard, and these decorations were designed in local workshops linked to the Byzantine world.

          The Wheel of Venice - Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

          Venice's panoramic wheel is one of the attractions that appeals to both locals and foreign tourists. It is located on the front of the Adriatic Sea, its height reaches 60 meters, and it can accommodate 8 people together (2 children and 8 adults) in a journey of approximately 10 minutes; It offers a wonderful panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.

            Bridge of the Spiers - photo from visitvenezia

            It is a historic pedestrian bridge located before the flow point of the Canale Cannaregio to the Grand Canal. It is considered one of the symbols of the city and its vital attractions; This bridge was made of wood, then it was rebuilt using stone in 1580 AD, and towers were added to it in 1823 AD.

              Constitution Bridge in Venice - photo from visitvenezia

              Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the Constitution Bridge is a minimalist steel and glass bridge over the Grand Canal and connects the railway station with the bus station and parking complex in Piazzale Roma. This bridge has a paved staircase and overlooks the boats floating in the Venetian Lagoon.

                Torcello Island in Venice

                The island of Torcello is very famous and a special place among both locals and foreign tourists, as it has a beautiful rural nature and historical landmarks and attractions such as the Church of Santa Maria Assunta from the seventh century, in addition to being distinguished by its old streets and its museum that tells a lot about the local islands, do not hesitate to visit it With the one you love.

                  Murano Island in Venice

                  Its fame stems from its specialization in the art of making Murano glass, the world's most famous, especially in the Middle Ages, and selling it in the form of jewels, accessories, decorative scenes, and very distinctive vases, and it includes a good number of factories, laboratories and stores dedicated to this purpose.

                    Burano Island in Venice

                    It is one of the most beautiful islands of Venice, due to the views of its beautiful houses and houses designed in an exceptional and joyful way, so that the entire island looks like a harmonious painting, and it is known for the manufacture and arts of stained glass. .

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