The most beautiful places to visit in the American city of Concord

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 Concord is the capital of the US state of New Hampshire, which was founded in 1734 under the name Romford, and its name was changed to Concord in 1765 AD. We will get to know the city of Concord, and the most beautiful tourist places in it.

The most beautiful places to visit in the American city of Concord

About the city of Concord

  • Concord is famous for its furniture industry, and there are plenty of granite quarries.
  • The city of Concord is a major center of the railroad industry in the United States of America.
  • The city of Concord is characterized by the presence of an excellent infrastructure of streets, transportation, hotels and restaurants, to receive large numbers of tourists every year.

The most beautiful tourist places in the city of Concord

Concord Antique Gallery

Concord Antiques Gallery is one of the largest antiques stores in New Hampshire. This gallery includes about 155 stores, covering an area of ​​10,000 square feet. In this gallery, you can find the most beautiful jewelry, furniture and antiques at very reasonable prices.

Science Museum

The Science Museum in Concord is known as the McAuliffe-Shepherd Discovery Center, after the name of the first American to go into space, and the first teacher chosen by NASA to teach in space. This museum seeks to inspire children to explore new worlds through science and interactive exhibits.

New Hampshire Historical Museum

The Museum of New Hampshire is one of the most prominent places of tourism in the city of Concord, as the museum houses the largest collection of artifacts in the state of New Hampshire, which were manufactured by the Native Americans since ancient times, and therefore the New Hampshire Historical Museum is considered one of the best tourist attractions that tells the history of the city for tourists .

Red River Theater

The Red River Theater opened in 2007. It is an independent theater that was opened with donations from the city's residents, with a total cost of $1.8 million. The Red River Theater features only local films, and shows some classic American films on 3 large screens.

Wynant Park

Winant Park is home to a large group of lush plants and trees in the American city of Concord, and it is one of the most beautiful parks that tourists and locals visit with the aim of taking the most beautiful souvenir photos, and relaxing in the arms of charming nature.

New Hampshire Audubon Center

The New Hampshire Audubon Center is home to a wide variety of birds of prey such as the bald eagle, squawking owl and wild hawk. The New Hampshire Center is also the oldest ecological center in the city, and the New Hampshire Audubon Center allows visitors to observe migratory birds through modern binoculars.

Chiefs' grave

The Tomb of Presidents in Concord is one of the places listed in the National Historic Register in 2008, where former US President Franklin Pierce and his wife are buried in the first cemetery in this place.

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