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Larambla Street... The real heart of Barcelona

 Learn about the most important streets of Barcelona .. La Rambla is the real heart of Barcelona

Larambla Street... The real heart of Barcelona

 If you are planning to visit the Spanish city of Barcelona , ​​do not search much on the Internet for the best accommodation or shopping because simply you can find everything you need and more if you just visit the Larambla Street in the center of Barcelona and is considered its heart and the most famous lively center in the center of the entire province of Catalonia. La Rambla Street from Barcelona International Airport is only 20 minutes away, and it is considered an integrated tourist center and not just a street in it.

You can book a hotel through which you can see the entire city center

 and we recommend that you choose between the Royal Hotel or the Serhs Hotel. All rooms overlook the street and enjoy luxury and more than excellent service. If you want to shop, you will find hundreds of international stores, including Zara, H&M and Mango. And others, in addition to local shops such as the Rambla, which specializes in equipment and sportswear of a Barcelona character, in addition to small bars and street vendors, where you will find everything that might be suitable as souvenirs or gifts you want to buy for your friends and family, and do not forget the Boqueria Market, which is the most famous in Barcelona.

La Rambla Street is characterized by cafes and restaurants

 divided into two halves, one on the sidewalks of the street and the other a closed place to satisfy all tastes or even your mood that always changes and thus changes your desires. The cafeteria bar is the best for you if you want to enjoy a place with an ancient Spanish character and a calm atmosphere at the same time, As for restaurants, you will find many Spanish restaurants that offer the most famous local dishes such as paella and other dishes. If you want international restaurants, you will find McDonald's, Burger King and Subway next to Italian pizza restaurants.

On Larambla Street, you can find many bicycles

 lined up on both sides of the road, which you can use to spend your nearby tours, and the scene of the bathrooms that gather in abundance inside the square, which is located at the end of Larambla Street, will be very interesting and exciting for you, and through this charming street you can also Enjoy seeing the art of many painters located on both sides of the road next to Spanish guitarists who offer you a mixture between modern and classical art as well, football is the soul of Barcelona so don't miss a tour of the Camp Nou stadium, which is only about 15 minutes from La Rambla as well as the beach and port.


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