Information about the US state of Michigan

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 Michigan is located in the northeastern United States of America and is considered a tourist country par excellence, as it provides its visitors with all the elements of tourism from history, charming nature, and natural resources such as iron, and is also famous for the automobile industry.

Information about the US state of Michigan

The reason for naming the city of Michigan is due to Lake Michigan, which means (the great waters), and it is considered one of the densely populated cities where there are many Arab Americans, numbering 500,000 people.

Michigan has many attractions, famous landmarks, state parks, scenic forests, and many places and attractions.

Best places to visit in Michigan

Dutch Windmill Island

It is a garden full of flowers and characterized by Dutch architecture. The windmill is a symbol of Dutch heritage and is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Michigan. It has ways of entertainment and entertainment for all visitors in general and for children in particular. It is a favorite place for lovers of relaxation amid the picturesque nature and beautiful flowers away from the external hustle.

Michigan Historical Museum

One of the most amazing tourist areas in Michigan, where it tells the story of the state of Michigan from prehistoric times until 1900 AD, and it is one of the favorite places for amateurs and history lovers.

National Pictorial Rocks

This area was called by this name due to the multiplicity of colors of iron, copper and manganese found in the rocks with dunes, beaches, cliffs and forests in a charming panoramic scene.

Isle Royale National

The island is characterized by many forests, dense trees, charming rivers and lakes, in addition to a variety of wild animals such as foxes, hawks, wolves, otters, and others.

M'diq Island

The island has many wonderful scenes, and the place is ideal in the summer, although the beaches there are small, but they are really beautiful, as they are characterized by pure turquoise water, soft sand and warm sunshine, in addition to containing many rugged landscapes, which makes it a very popular tourist spot. About the historical periods that Michigan experienced before development, you can take a ferry to see Strait Island and spend a beautiful day on it and enjoy the beauty of the island up close.

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