Important tips when traveling to Berlin

 Berlin is currently one of the most tourist destinations that many tourists visit to enjoy it and all the charming activities that may be available in it, so some necessary tips can be identified before heading and traveling to Berlin in the following points.

Take the train for those on a tight budget
Important tips when traveling to Berlin

Travel to Berlin during off-peak times

Berlin is the number one tourist destination in Germany and there is a lot of competition for hotel rooms and transportation at peak times. The city is always busy during the summer from June to September; Visiting either side of this period means cooler weather but fewer crowds and slightly lower prices.

how to travel in berlin Book tickets in time

It is preferable to book tickets in advance for major attractions in Berlin, and it is also possible to make early reservations for all activities, landmarks and restaurants in order to increase the chances of enjoying the tourist destination and not be among the crowds during the tourist trip.

Tips for transportation in Berlin

Traveling from the shiny new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport to the center by taxi is expensive, so it is possible to do something alternative by taking the train in order for transportation and transportation to suit the exact budget that the traveler selects before traveling.

Etiquette in Berlin

There are some social rules that the traveler should be aware of before traveling to Berlin, which are within the local culture of the indigenous people of Berlin.

Informal dress code in Berlin

Unlike the rest of Germany, where smart casual dress dominates, Berlin is a city where there are no rules when it comes to fashion, whether you wear a skin-tight suit or otherwise, you will be welcomed as a traveler.
Trends change depending on the region visited, people in Charlottenburg and Mitte tend to wear more luxurious and elegant clothes, while in Kreuzberg or Neukölln, you will rarely find anyone browsing the latest fashion collection.
Tech culture has greatly influenced Berlin's dress code, dark clothes with rips or holes, leather and combat boots are the norm when touring Berlin's coolest neighborhoods.

Talking about Germany's past

Germans still shy away from the country's 20th century history, it's a sensitive topic and locals tend to avoid talking about it.

Health and safety in Berlin

Berlin is generally a safe city, but with its lively nightlife, there are issues to watch out for, such as being very alert to pickpockets and scammers in Berlin, as these people are very common in the peak seasons of the tourist destination so it is necessary to avoid them to protect from being robbed.

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