Frankfurt is an attractive classic destination | Travel Tales Magazine

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 Frankfurt has retained its classic appeal over the years. Being the financial capital of Germany, the city of Frankfurt has a lot to offer you a perfect vacation in one of the world's most famous cities.

Frankfurt is an attractive classic destination | Travel Tales Magazine

Literature lovers should have a pleasant trip to Goethe's hometown and learn about the objects used by the nobility. If you want a panoramic view of Frankfurt and beyond, ride the famous 650-storey Main Tower that stretches through the city streets and offers a wonderful panorama at twilight.
Although Frankfurt is mostly dominated by brick monuments, nature lovers can also get some irresistible landscapes and spaces. Below, a tour of the most famous attractions in Frankfurt.

old City

old City

Located on the north bank of the River Main and covering less than a square kilometer, the Old Town was one of the largest half-timbered towns in Germany until it was completely destroyed in World War II. For locals and tourists alike, the reconstructed old town center is one of the most important places to visit in Frankfurt.
Whether it's for a cup of coffee, shopping or relaxing around an old town in the heart of a megalopolis, you can expect an eclectic array of attractions in the old town centre. Frankfurt's evolving history is reflected through the seamless blend of architecture in the new quarter.

Old Opera House

Founded in 1880, the old opera house is one of the most important places in Frankfurt and a must-visit for music lovers. The classic-style old school building was inspired by the plan of German architect Richard Lukay. After the building was destroyed during World War II, it took nearly four decades to finally reopen in 1981.
Hidden behind the portico of the former Frankfurt Opera House is one of the most impressive concert halls hosting high-quality concerts and events. The congress department of Alte Opar organizes 50 world-renowned events annually. Besides musical performances of all kinds, the house organizes glamorous balls and international conferences in its traditional representative halls and salons.

Palm Garden

With its impressive botanical exhibits, numerous water basins, and scenic paths, the park is one of the must-visit places in Frankfurt with family and friends.
Nature lovers should consider going on a horticultural excursion that covers everything from the African savannah to the traditional flower gardens of Europe. In nice weather, the park comes alive with some stunning views of Germany that are sure to be a sight to behold.

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