Emirates invests 1.28 billion dirhams in the next generation of inflight entertainment systems

 Emirates has selected the new inflight entertainment system, Thales AVANT Up, to equip its fleet of Airbus A350 aircraft, due to begin receiving delivery in 2024. The choice comes as part of its continuous endeavor to ensure that its promise of “enduring excellence” is made to customers.

Emirates invests 1.28 billion dirhams in the next generation of inflight entertainment systems

Emirates will invest more than $350 million 

(1.28 billion dirhams) to equip its future fleet of 50 A350 aircraft with the next generation of inflight entertainment solutions that provide an unparalleled personal and cinematic passenger experience.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates Chief Operating Officer

 said: “We are fully aware that in-flight entertainment is an essential aspect of our customers’ experience, and Emirates was the first airline in the world to put a personal video screen in every seat on the plane, which was unimaginable before more. of 30 years. Today, we continue to provide our passengers with unparalleled entertainment content and experience, and have captured the best in-flight entertainment awards over the past 14 years. Our investment in next-generation Thales systems, to power our new A350 fleet, will reinforce our leadership and enable us to deliver better experiences for our customers.

Yannick Aswad, Executive Vice President of Thales Avionics

 welcomed the partnership with Emirates Airlines in achieving its mission of providing “lasting excellence” to its customers. He said: The new Thales AVANT Up system will provide Emirates with the latest technology and capabilities on the aircraft. By combining Optiq 4K QLED HDR screens with next-generation digital services, Emirates customers are ready to enjoy extraordinary in-flight entertainment.”

Thales' AVANT Up system technology includes Optiq 4k QLED HDR screens, the only ones on aircraft that use Samsung's QLED technology to dazzle viewers with over a billion colors. The rich viewing capability also provides an ideal platform for Emirates' unique in-flight information, communication and entertainment system ice, which offers more than 5,000 channels of content in dozens of languages, including live TV, the latest movies, TV shows, music and the world's first in-flight shopping channel.

The system will provide an improved solution

 for broadcasting live TV and news in the highest quality at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Emirates customers can also look forward to improved connectivity with the industry-first Optiq Smart Display, which offers dual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to connect multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, headphones or even game consoles, as well as support Up to 60W USB-C to quickly charge personal devices.

To further enrich passenger participation

 Emirates has selected a variety of Thales AVANT Up digital services including integrated personalization features, expanded capabilities for PEDs, and user interface improvements that allow visually impaired passengers to enjoy an immersive experience.

Emirates is also the first airline in the world 

to choose Thales Pulse, a patented power management technology that ensures that no matter how many users are charging their devices at the same time, the charging performance of electronic devices is not affected.

Emirates and Thales share a common vision

 to innovate and shape future aviation experiences, as the two sides continue to collaborate on programs through the aviation incubator Aviation X-Lab in Dubai.

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