Dubai takes luxury to new heights - luxury things to do in dubai

The French network "Euronews" reported that the "Royal Atlantis" resort and residences, scheduled to open in Dubai next month, in a remarkable celebration, represents a huge leap in the luxury experiences for which Dubai is famous. The network published a report on "Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences" entitled "Villas among the clouds: a luxury resort that extends in Dubai, taking luxury to new heights."

Dubai takes luxury to new heights

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The report pointed out that visiting the Atlantis, The Palm has become a basic wish for all visitors to Dubai, since its opening in 2008, due to its distinguished location at the head of the island of Palm Jumeirah, the distinctive pink color of its facade, the luxury of its design and its interior facilities.

He added that the "Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences", which is a newcomer to the ultra-luxury Atlantis Dubai hotel complex on the "Palm Jumeirah", continues the journey of luxury and dazzle on the island. He stated that the new arrival on the island will include 795 hotel rooms, 17 restaurants and entertainment clubs, and a huge range of entertainment destinations.

luxury things to do in dubai

The report included statements made by Tim Kelly, Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Atlantis Dubai, about the “Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences” last May, on the sidelines of the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, where he said: “Royal Atlantis was designed by order different style from clients. It will have its own independent identity and personality, through 44 villas in the clouds, each with its own infinity pool that takes luxury and luxury services to the next level in Dubai.

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He added, “The main idea of ​​the resort’s design is to enjoy the experience of looking from the inside out, which is something very special. Thus, no matter where you are within the resort, whether in a room, a restaurant, a public place, or on the beach, you will see this beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf or the Dubai skyline.

Dubai takes luxury a notch above

Euronews reported that the Royal Atlantis extends over a huge area of ​​17 hectares, and includes 92 swimming pools, including one that extends 90 meters in length and rises 100 meters, equivalent to 22 floors, at the top of the Palm Jumeirah. He added that the resort building consists of 43 floors, and its construction cost amounted to 1.6 billion dollars (1.5 billion euros), and it includes an amazingly luxurious suite, the "Royal Mansion" suite, which has an area of ​​1,100 square meters, and the cost of accommodation in it is 50,000 dollars (47,000). Euros per night.

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The report touched on the restaurants attached to the resort, saying that it promises its diners a unique dining experience, as 8 famous chefs from all over the world work in them. He added that in addition to the 33 restaurants in his older brother "Atlantis The Palm", the two will jointly provide the largest number of food and beverage outlets within a resort in the region.

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The report concluded by referring to the aquarium exhibits scattered within the resort, including a huge fish tank called “The Lost Chambers”, which is the largest open aquarium for fish in the region, in addition to an aqua park inhabited by 65,000 aquatic animals, and allows its visitors to experience diving as well as study programs on Aquatic.

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