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 A group of charming islands spread over a vast area in the southern Pacific Ocean, with transparent turquoise lakes, volcanic peaks, and gorgeous palm-fringed beaches. Despite the remoteness of the Cook Islands, it deserves an adventure and a visit. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world with a charming nature that attracts the attention of tourists to it. It offers a lot of activities for adventure lovers, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and mountain climbing.

Cook Islands .. a destination for nature lovers | Travel Tales Magazine
The magic of nature is amazing

Natural attractions

Spread across a vast expanse of ocean are the 15 Cook Islands, which thrive on natural attractions. It is a self-governing island country associated with New Zealand, located in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,900 km north of New Zealand, and among the most beautiful of these islands is Rarotonga Island, the largest of the Cook Islands, and one of the best places to visit. The Cook Islands are the only islands that do not have any other territory between them and Antarctica. The islands are in the same time zone as American Hawaii, but they are in the south, while Hawaii is in the north.

tropical climate

Cook Island is characterized by its tropical oceanic climate, which is affected by trade winds blowing in the dry season, which extends from April to November, in addition to being affected by typhoon winds from November to March, and the period from December to March is one of the wettest seasons on this island.

The most important islands you can visit in Cook

The Cook Islands are among the tourist places that attract large numbers of tourists, who number about 100,000 tourists annually; This sector is considered one of the important sectors in its economic income, due to the availability of many important tourist attractions on this island.


  • Itoki Lagoon:

Take a cruise to Itoki Lagoon, relax on the beach, enjoy the beauty of its clear waters, kayaking, and explore some of the nearby islands. Maina Island, located in the southwestern part of the lake, offers great opportunities for diving and fishing.

  • Strolling at Morey Beach:

Moree Beach, on the southeast coast of Rarotonga, is one of the most famous and picturesque beaches in Rarotonga; It gives tourists the opportunity to see tropical fish, and eat at one of the resorts and restaurants in the area.

  • Titikavika Beach:

As for Titikaveka Beach, it is one of the best tourist attractions in the Cook Islands for swimming, snorkeling, exploring tropical fish, kayaking, and visiting the Cook Islands Christian Church, which dates back to 1841 AD.

  • Hike through the islands to Te Roa Manga:

One of the most prominent tourism activities in the Cook Islands, hiking through the islands to Te Roa Manga; To explore the landscape, you can also climb mountains, enjoying beautiful views of the coast and surrounding forests.

  • Arua Marine Reserve:

Arua Marine Reserve is one of the Cook Islands' best tourist attractions for snorkeling among a group of coral reefs and clear waters. You can also kayak, relax, and watch the sunset from the beach.

  • Visit Meyer Noi Gardens:

Meyer Neue Gardens feature a vast expanse of tropical flowers, with ponds covered in tulips, ginger and hibiscus, and plenty of palm trees. You can relax with a snack in the small open cafe.

  • Getting around Avarua, the capital of the Cook Islands:

Avarua is a quiet, friendly city worth exploring, and there are many attractions, including a waterfront market selling black pearls and exotic local perfumes.

  • Explore the grandiose landscapes of Rarotonga:

Rarotonga Island has jagged hills covered with lush tropical forests that are perfect for hiking, as there are many trails that allow you to hike through the islands, and explore the beautiful vegetation that covers the island.

  • Rarotonga Island:

The magic of nature is breathtaking on the island of Rarotonga, where coral reefs spread on all sides, forming an orange aura around it; What makes it more beautiful. This island allows tourists to practice some activities, such as kayaking, watching coral reefs, taking a cruise on small boats, wandering within the forests, and watching streams and waterfalls.

  • Mangaia Island:

Mangaia Island has a unique nature; There are many volcanic peaks, a caldera with a height of 169 meters, in addition to limestone caves that were once shelters for the ancient inhabitants.

  • Relaxing on Mount Maungapo:

Take a short hike up Mount Maungapo at 124 metres, enjoying stunning lake and landscape views from its summit.

  • Visit Cook Islands Christian Church:

One of the main attractions in Arutanga is the Cook Islands Christian Church, built in 1828 with stained-glass windows and carved wood accents.

Cook Islands hotels:

  • The Edgewater Resort and Spa:

The Edgewater Resort & Spa is located on 24,281 square meters of lush tropical land on the seafront on the protected western coast of Rarotonga. The hotel includes The Spaghetti House restaurant; Where guests can sample Italian specialties, a spa center offers massage sessions, facilities for the disabled, and private parking.

  • Morey Beach Club Hotel:

Located in Rarotonga, Morey Beach Club Hotel features a swimming pool, restaurant, tour desk, car rental, 24-hour front desk and private parking. Activities include windsurfing, kayaking, boating, hang gliding and sailing, and trips to nearby islands are available by glass-bottom boat.

Cook Islands restaurants:

The Cook Islands have many restaurants that offer delicious food, dishes and desserts, as well as drinks, including:

  • Bonanga Noi Restaurant: Serves a variety of local cuisine.
  • Toro Restaurant & Café: Serving seafood with live music.
  • Filius Restaurant: Serves the best burgers and delicious sauces on the island.
  • Anchorage Restaurant: Tropical cuisine with live music.

Cook Islands

It is named after explorer James Cook, discoverer of New Zealand and the east coast of Australia.

It covers an area of ​​240 square kilometres. Its capital is Urawa, and its currency is the New Zealand dollar and the Cook Islands dollar.

The people of these islands are Polynesians, they call themselves Maori, and there is a close connection between their language and the language of the Maori in New Zealand, and they are also similar in their social organizations and many customs.

Music: There are many types of folk music that are practiced in the Cook Islands, the most popular being the Imene tuki music, originated by Fred Polynesian, and this music, which is derived from the style of Christian hymns, is characterized by the use of choppy, meaningless rhythms .

Traditional dance: The method of dance varies from island to island, dance is taught to island children, dance competitions are held every year, and drums are used during the dance process.

Language: English is the most spoken language on the islands, but each island uses a different dialect.

Wildlife: The Maori tiare flower is the islands' national flower.

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