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5 things that will make you see Paris for the first time

5 things that will make you see Paris for the first time

5 things that will make you see Paris for the first time

You may have visited Paris before or even read a lot about it, so the tourist activities you do every time become similar and you will not go out of visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre or touring the Champs Elysees, but have you thought beforehand about changing your plan of activities? In this report, you will find five different things that you can do in Paris that will make it a different city for you, whether it is your first visit here or you have visited before.

1- Visiting avenue Montague

 .. Perhaps the Champs Elysees is the owner of the lion's share of the famous streets of Paris, but in avenue Montague, perhaps your opinion will differ after visiting this street, which is a few steps away from the city center, and you can reach from it to the Seine River within five minutes walking is one of the destinations Different Paris, it includes the largest number of excellent restaurants and cafes from all over the country. You will find Italian, Turkish, French and even Arab, and all of this at more than wonderful prices compared to other Paris neighborhoods and streets. You will also find the largest number of shops, antique bars and nightclubs, all in a colorful luminous view that broadcasts happiness. And joy for your psychological state without little effort.

2- A visit to the Latin Quarter 

.. This neighborhood, which includes the largest and most famous schools and universities in Paris, such as the Sorbonne, is not only an educational complex, but is also one of the most famous neighborhoods where you can taste and feel art, whether in the painters and musicians lined up on both sides of the road or through the famous cafes that are art salons Comprehensive and has been the center of many international artists such as Picasso so do not miss the opportunity to sit in those great cafes and enjoy the artistic atmosphere enveloped in the current urban charm of Paris.

3 - Tourist bus tour

 .. If you want to see the whole Paris with all its monuments, buildings, history and even entertainment in a two-hour trip, the ideal solution is to join the Paris tour bus trips that pass through 30 points that gather everything you can dream of visiting in Paris Like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Seine, the French National Council, the Latin Quarter, the Obelisk, the Champs Elysees, avenue Montreal, and many antique churches and other shrines.

You can leave the bus at any of the thirty points to have a drink or a meal and then take the next bus, which passes every twenty minutes, all for only 25 euros per person, which is an excellent price, especially since transportation in Paris is a bit expensive, for 25 euros you can only You visit the Eiffel Tower and return by taxi, so this trip is a time and effort saver, especially as it provides you with a detailed explanation of each point the bus passes through in many languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.

4 - De Rue Paris

 .. If you want to see Paris from a high place and fear the crowding of the Eiffel Tower , you can simply take that adventure through the rotating waterwheel or de Rue Paris, which is located in front of the obelisk at the end of the Champs-Elysées Street. This experience is wonderful and surrounded by safety as well and similar to games located in the major parks such as Disneyland, so it will not only be watching Paris from a high point, but it is also a fun-packed experience in which you can take many pictures, and finally for those who are afraid of heights, they can experience that experience without fear because being in glass cabins is greater safety From being on top of the Eiffel Tower.

5 - Seine kiosks 

.. That experience is for all lovers of valuable books, paintings and everything related to culture and arts. Only you can pass by those 200 green kiosks located on the western bank of the Seine. There you can find CDs of old music and rare books. And paintings by talented painters, and you can even get your own personal painting through many of the painters who are near those kiosks and waiting for someone to ask them to draw it.


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