What Exactly Do Hotels Outsource?

What Exactly Do Hotels Outsource?

 This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask when they realise that most of the services a hotel provides are supplied by a third party. Surely it would be cheaper to handle these things internally, and while that might be the case for a very large establishment, where high volume is the norm, it doesn’t make financial sense for a small to medium hotel to have that kind of resources. If a hotel relied on its own staff to do everything, the number of employees would have to be doubled, and some more, in order to deliver these services to their guests.

What Exactly Do Hotels Outsource?

Linen Hotels Outsource

Imagine the laundry list for a medium sized hotel? Each room needs a daily change of bed sheets, towels, and napkins, not to mention the bathrobes we have all come to love. Cleaning all of this and still having a regular supply of clean linen to replace the old, requires a massive inventory, and then you have the cleaning facilities for such a volume. In a very short period of time, the items will have to be replaced, which is another big investment, and one of the reasons why most hotels prefer to hire their linen from a third party. If your hotel is in the UKcontact Stalbridge Linen for a bespoke quote, and with nationwide delivery, all of your linen headaches will be a thing of the past.

Kitchen Maintenance Hotels Outsource

Even a small hotel would have an extensive kitchen, and for many reasons, this is the heart of the organisation, and therefore must always be ready to deliver meals whenever your guests are hungry. Regular inspections and maintenance would be necessary for all of the kitchen appliances, which are often working for 18 hours per day. The maintenance must be carried out by qualified technicians, and for a hotel to employ a team of maintenance engineers, it would be a very expensive way to get the job done. They would much rather deal with a commercial kitchen maintenance firm, who could guarantee that the kitchen is always operational, and the cost is much less than the alternative. If you are responsible for keeping your kitchen in good shape, here is an interesting article with many tips and tricks to make the job simpler.

Security Services Hotels Outsource

Unless the hotel is part of a large chain, or is especially well known, it would probably use a third party to provide security. Hotel security is a specialised field, mainly due to the constant movement of guests, making it difficult to monitor the premises, and professional hotel security are trained to operate with the minimum of inconvenience to the guests. The security company would supply all the staff, and would also install and monitor the CCTV system, which would send data to a central security room, where a single person could monitor the building. The doorman and other reception level staff would not normally be involved with security, and their role is to make things more comfortable and convenient for the guests. The reception staff would typically be direct employees of the hotel, and would be pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, and with promotion opportunities, it is possible to rise up the ranks, even to the post of general manager.

Building Maintenance Hotels Outsource

All hotels must follow strict guideline regarding building maintenance, and with regular local authority inspections, a hotel could not afford to overlook this. This service would be provided by a company that only maintains large commercial properties, and would have extensive experience in the hotel industry. They would be given a list of items that must be completed over the period of one month, and the team might be working at the hotel every day, in order to complete the checklist on schedule. It would not be unusual for a large hotel to have a team of 6 workers, all working full time to meet the hotel’s demands. Even if the team is a permanent fixture, it still isn’t viable to employ them directly, and the hotel would also have to purchase the expensive equipment they need, whereas a third party provides everything, and are contracted to do a specific job.

Temporary Labour Hotels Outsource

The holiday season and other festivals can mean a full house, and the hotel would need an army of temporary employees to meet the demand, which would be provided by an established recruitment agency. They would also source permanent employees for the hotel, which eliminates the need for a human resource department. Seasonal changes provide any hotel manager with a challenge, and the recruitment company is an essential partner for a hotel, as occupancy rates fluctuate. Hotels are always looking for temporary workers, and by forging an alliance with a good recruitment agency, they can fill the void easily, and at a much reduced cost compared to hiring directly.

Hiring Employees Hotels Outsource

This service is outsourced to a recruitment agency, typically this would be one with extensive connections in the hospitality industry, especially when looking for management personnel. The role of the recruitment agency is to source suitable full time candidates, as well as providing temporary labour when required. Their services might also stretch to filling in for absent employees, another major headache for a hotel manager, who sometimes has to juggle the staff around to make ends meet.

Transportation Hotels Outsource

There are still a few prestigious hotels that own a fleet of limousines that are used to transport their guests, but most hotels would use the services of a private car hire business. They would have access to a range of vehicles, ranging from a stretch limo, to an economical compact car, depending on their client’s needs. Large groups regularly require minivans, and the hotel would have at least one company that they dealt with for transportation. The hotel must provide vehicles and taxis for their clients, especially if the venue is in a remote region, and by forming an association with a local supplier, they can offer a range of transportation services.

Outsourcing is a major part of any hotel, and this not only makes the guests’ experience more comfortable, it also relieves the hotel management of the stress involved in supplying the service, and is a cost effective way to achieve the goal.

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