Tourist Guide - Why to Choose India for Yoga Teacher Training?

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 India – the name of this country comes with the indication of a number of things. One of the fastest growing economies in the world, a nation of diversity, a traveler’s bliss, etc. are some of the many thoughts that emerge when one thinks about India. Amidst of all these different images of the Asian nation, it’s the long-lasting yogic culture that sets India apart from all other nations on the planet. The significance of India as a major Yoga hub can be evidenced from the fact that millions of global Yoga-lovers set their foot on the Indian soil for attaining the most authentic Yoga knowledge every year.

If you are fascinated to go deeper into the science of Yoga in the land of Yoga’s origin, here are some of the amazing reasons for attending a Yoga teacher training school in India.

Tourist Guide - Why to Choose India for Yoga Teacher Training?

Because India is Yoga and Yoga is India yoga teacher training

Every bit of India is stemmed from the teachings of Yoga that has prevailed in the region since the Vedic era. Against all odds including numerous foreign attacks and historical colonisation, the one thing that this country has not left is its addiction to Yoga. The ancient science has been a major contributor in the making of India’s cultural harmony that can be witnessed when you set your foot on the sacred land for a Yoga teacher training in India. While the historical significance of Yoga in India is unparalleled, its modern social anatomy is no less influenced by this spiritual science. In the land of Buddha, all you will experience is the inspiring yogic air to embrace Trikonasana.

India is home to the world’s biggest Yoga community

Without a shadow of a doubt, India is the largest and the most popular center of Yoga in the world, thanks to the country’s identity as a spiritual nation. Rishikesh, the place where Yoga took birth in the foothills of the Himalayas is located in India. Known as the Yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh hosts International Yoga Day celebration every year. Apart from Rishikesh, Kerala, Goa, Gangtok, Alleppey, Dharamshala, Munger, etc. are some of the world’s most renowned Yoga hubs. In India, you will be trained under time-served Yoga Gurus, who have spent years in search of the yogic knowledge and lived a complete yogic life in the Himalayas. A Yoga TTC in India offers you an opportunity to be a part of the vast Yoga community in the most spiritual way.

Nature’s delight is in abundance in India yoga teacher training

Yoga is thought to be the creation of nature. It is a way of life based entirely on the natural living style and there cannot be a more authentic place to feel the bliss of nature than in India. A mere imagination of practicing Chakrasana on the breathtaking trails of the Himalayas and indulging in the Garudasana overlooking the endless waters of the Laccadive Sea is enough to give goosebumps. When you meditate by the serene flow of the holy Ganges, it creates a sensation of extreme contentment in the mind, body and soul. In South India, lush vegetation of the Eastern and Western Ghats make your yogic visit a completely astonishing one. Numerous picturesque waterfalls in the South Asian nation await your holy presence to let your soul nourish in the extreme calmness.

India portrays the purest Yoga knowledge yoga teacher training

Not everywhere one finds the Yoga education in its purest form. Outside the Indian Subcontinent, in particular, it is a little challenging task to spot a Yoga school offering the traditional Yoga knowledge. Since Yoga originated and evolved here in India, the virgin form of Yoga is still found in abundance. Yoga in India is completely spiritual, as mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. While Yoga is getting modified as a physical exercise by some in the outside world, it is still a way of life in India. The Asian nation presents you an opportunity to fall in love with the most ancient knowledge of Yoga in the vicinity of some of the legends of this field. The syllabus of almost all Yoga schools in India is dominated by Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Anatomy, Adjustment and Alignment, Yogic Principles, etc. all according to traditional Yoga.

There is no legitimate ground for not visiting India for a Yoga teacher training program, since one finds everything that is yogic in this spiritual air of India.

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