Top 5 medical tourism areas in the world.. Get to know them

 Medical tourism is one of the most important types of tourism in the world, which is travel for the purpose of treatment or recreation in hospitals and health resorts in various parts of the world.

The global medical tourism market reached $104.68 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $273.72 billion by 2027, registering a compound annual growth rate of 12.8% during this period, as reported by PR NewsWire. Wire) recently.

Medical tourism depends on the use of specialized clinics, medical centers or modern hospitals that have advanced medical equipment and highly qualified human cadres, which are spread in all countries of the world. Singapore and some Arab countries such as Jordan and Tunisia.

Thailand..the first destination for medical tourism in the world

Thailand..the first destination for medical tourism in the world

Thailand is, in many ways, the number one destination for medical tourism in the world, and annually sees at least 2.4 million people visit for treatment in its hospitals and health resorts, and one of the main reasons why people choose Thailand and prefer it over other countries is the lower costs of treatment in it compared to In Western countries, treatment in this beautiful country costs 50-70% less than in European countries.

This low cost allows tourists coming for treatment to book in the best and most luxurious hospitals, care centers and private resorts in the country, where they are supervised by Thai doctors who received their medical education in the most prestigious universities and institutes in Western countries, and can speak English fluently.

There are also doctors and other staff who are fluent in several languages, including Arabic, which makes communication very easy between patients and the treating medical staff.

Previously, Thailand was widely known for its plastic surgery operations, but now it has become a place for treating various diseases with high professionalism, as the country provides an excellent place for safe and affordable surgeries, where you can spend a few weeks to recover in one of the charming luxury resorts scattered in the country.

Singapore.. Stem cell tourism

In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Singapore as the sixth best country in the world for healthcare, this prestigious ranking means that you should not expect any cost savings when traveling to Singapore for medical tourism, instead you will pay a hefty cost, but you You will get some of the best medical treatments and services out there in the world.

Singapore imposes the study of methods of using stem cells in treatment in its medical institutes, which led to the country being famous for this type of treatment, which has become widely known in the world as “stem cell tourism”, as there are few countries specialized in this type of treatment. , such as China, Caribbean countries and some Latin American countries, but Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in using this method.

Of course, tourists go to Singapore not only for stem cell treatment, the country also specializes in oncology, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and hematology, in addition to its beautiful landscapes and lavish medical resorts that often make the recovery period an enjoyable tourist trip.

Turkey..a great reputation for eye surgery and hair transplantation

Turkey has many advantages when it comes to medical tourism, the cost is low compared to other countries, and it has the largest number of hospitals accredited by the United States of America and Europe, and in fact, 32% of patients in Turkey are tourists who came for treatment. Turkey is famous for two specialties: more than others: laser eye surgery and hair transplantation.

Istanbul has one of the largest vision and vision treatment centers in Europe and is a popular destination for laser eye surgery, eye exams, eyeglass prescriptions and treatments for conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. Istanbul has more than 600 registered clinics specializing in hair loss treatment. And if you have vision problems or hair loss which is a problem for you, Turkey could be your best option.

India.. Organ, fertility and orthopedic transplantation

India is largely known in the world as a medical tourism destination, in fact, India offers a medical tourism visa that allows patients to stay for up to 60 days while bringing a private companion with them usually a family member for support. In addition, the Indian government has a website Electronically for medical tourism, it allows visitors to know all the available procedures, and to provide a detailed explanation of the hospitals and resorts in the country, so that the visitor chooses the place and area he likes and is compatible with his health condition.

India has highly educated doctors who can perform the most complex surgeries at an affordable price, and this is the motivation for many tourists who choose India as their medical destination. Some of the most common areas of treatment include cardiology, oncology, organ transplantation, fertility and orthopedics.

South Korea.. Specialized in plastic surgery

South Korea has the most number of plastic surgeries per capita in the world, and this is mostly attributed to young Korean women who seek such operations to become more beautiful and attractive, and in fact, the impressive results have shed light on the medical system in South Korea, and the country has witnessed a great boom in tourism treatment in the past few years.

It is estimated that more than 379,000 patients come to South Korea for medical tourism each year, and this number is constantly increasing, as South Korea has advanced medical technology and many individuals come for plastic surgery, spine treatments and organ transplants.

Unfortunately, the rising popularity of medical tourism has also increased costs, so expect to pay increasingly high prices for treatment if you choose South Korea.

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