7 tips to relieve stress during long trips

 It is summer, the season of travel and the launch of enjoyable trips, but this great popularity of tourist trips requires getting rid of the travel stress that accompanies holidays permanently, despite the modern comforts.

Many suffer from excessive fatigue, especially with long trips that require taking several planes or visiting several destinations and stopping at transit stations for long hours, despite the joy of the trip that cannot be forgotten.

During long-haul flights, the traveler usually suffers from exhaustion and fatigue, which is known as the Jet Lag case, or the defect that affects the biological clock of the human body as a result of the time difference, leading to a healthy syndrome of chronic fatigue that disappears after a few days.

In order to overcome fatigue and get rid of travel stress, especially on long and tiring trips, today we learn about the most important tips from travel experts that will help you enjoy the tourist holidays with the least amount of trouble.

1- Practicing different bedtimes

How to get rid of the stress of traveling on long trips

Before traveling long enough, you can start changing the sleep schedule to match the travel destination, by adjusting it an hour every day until the day of travel, as this helps in adapting quickly when you reach your new destination.

2- drink water

During the travel trip, you must drink enough water, as drinking water reduces the body's exposure to fluid loss that causes headaches and more fatigue.

3- Avoid stimuli

While traveling on the plane, it is preferable to avoid stimulants such as tea, coffee and energy drinks, as they are substances that increase the body's feeling of fatigue when traveling to a different time.

4- Sleeping during the flight

Experts advise you to try to sleep while traveling on the plane on long flights, as getting some rest helps avoid the hassles of traveling when you reach your destination and quickly adapt to the natural hours of sleep there.

Tips to Avoid Stress While Traveling by Jonathan Cohen
Tips to Avoid Stress While Traveling by Jonathan Cohen

5- Choose comfortable clothes

Traveling on long flights requires choosing light and comfortable loose clothing instead of tight clothes to avoid feeling tight during the trip and fluid retention in the body, which increases the feeling of fatigue upon reaching your destination.

6- Avoid swelling of the legs

The traveler on long flights usually goes through the problem of swollen legs due to the slow blood circulation during the travel hours, so it is preferable to walk inside the plane and do some exercises to move the legs and wear compression stockings when necessary.

7- Maintain blood sugar level

Not eating for long periods of time is one of the factors of stress during travel on long flights due to the fluctuation of blood sugar levels, so it is preferable to maintain a stable blood sugar level by eating meals regularly and small and light meals every few hours.

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