Tourist guide : Steps to increase the traveler's sense of safety while traveling

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 Traveling to a new tourist destination is one of the distinctive experiences for any traveler, but the feeling of insecurity and fear while inside the tourist destination will remain among the feelings that no traveler can easily skip, and therefore there are many important steps and ways that increase the traveler’s sense of safety throughout Tour period.

Steps to increase the traveler's sense of safety while traveling

Don't wear flashy jewelry

Wearing expensive jewelry is a surefire way to make a traveler an obvious target for theft, so it is absolutely essential to leave them at home, especially when in crowded areas.

Download all emergency services numbers before heading to the tourist destination

Be smart about your money

It is preferable for the traveler to be smart about the money he carries with him, by having an abundance of travel safety information, as it is never a good idea to carry large amounts of money, instead it is possible to open an international bank account or a credit card company from In order to be able to use the local ATMs, and if large amounts of money have to be withdrawn at once, it is very important to leave the bulk of them safely closed in the hotel or private hostel and carry only what the traveler needs.

When using ATMs, it is preferable to try to use only devices linked to banks, as they are less likely to be tampered with by fraudsters.

It is absolutely not recommended to ever keep all the money in one place, as it is necessary to keep cash and credit cards in two or three different places.

Be aware of common scams

It is recommended that you search for the place that the traveler is visiting to find out what the local scammers intend to do.

Find the phone number for emergency services

It is recommended that you make sure to search for the emergency services number for the tourist destination, even before you get there, and it is also a good idea to search for the number of the nearest embassy to the traveler’s country before departure, and these numbers and data are written and kept in the mobile phone so that they can be accessed quickly And very easy in the event of exposure to any circumstances or emergency.

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