Renting serviced apartments london When Visiting With Your Family

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 London is a great city. Indeed, many Londoners would say that it is the best city in the world. Whether or not that is the case is a matter of opinion, but when you consider that it has 19 million visitors a year – almost double the population – it certainly seems that a lot of people want to visit.

Some, of course, may be visiting because they have to – foreign statesmen, people on business, and so on, but many come just because they want to, and they have heard about the amazing sights of London and its’ history – such as the Tower of London – and want to come and see for themselves.

Renting An Apartment In Central London When Visiting With Your Family

Whatever your reason for visiting London

 there is one thing that you have in common with every other visitor and that is the need for somewhere to stay. Of course, many people will book into a hotel, and there are plenty of those, but a great alternative is a serviced apartments london. This is especially true if you are a family, because you can save yourself a small fortune.

Let’s say you are a family with three or four children. If you book into a hotel you are going to need to book three rooms. Hotels don’t discriminate between one individual or a family of five or six. The cost of a room is the cost of a room, no matter how many you book.

Now compare that with the cost of some of the 3 bedroom apartments in Central London

 that are available for short term rental serviced apartments london Certainly, you could not even describe those as “cheap” but compared with the cost of three hotel rooms the price gap is amazing.

However, it is not just the cost savings that are a benefit. When you rent a 3 bed Central London apartment you are also getting a family “home” where your whole family is together instead of living in separate hotel bedrooms – which could even be on different floors. By renting an apartment you are keeping your family as a family unit in exactly the same way that you do at home, rather than scattered about all over a very large building which also has some hundreds of other guests as well.

With a 3 bed serviced apartments london 

you obviously have three bedrooms, but you will also have a large reception/sitting room, a fully fitted kitchen, and there could also be a dining room and utility room. You simply have so much more space than you ever could in a hotel.

Then there is the cost of food. In a hotel you eat in the hotel restaurant and you pay hotel food prices. You can save another small fortune by doing your own shopping and cooking as you do at home. Over a period of a couple of weeks’ vacation that can add up to some serious savings. Similarly, if you want a relaxing drink after the kids have gone to bed you can buy a bottle of wine or whatever your tipple is in one of the local shops, rather than paying hotel bar prices, which, it has to be said, are astronomical.

Renting an serviced apartments london when visiting London with your family is what they colloquially call a “no-brainer”.

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