Egypt is among them..discovering the best destinations for travel during the fall season

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The highly anticipated and crowded summer travel season has proven to be a challenge, leaving many eager for a nice vacation this fall, with less traffic, lower costs, and inevitably lower temperatures.

And factoring in factors like travel costs, weather, and scenery, here are some suggestions for the top 10 destinations around the world to visit in fall 2022.

Egypt is among them..discovering the best destinations for travel during the fall season


The interior of Dendera Temple is lively on a sunny day.,"Egypt is my favorite fall destination," said Justin Smith of Evolved Traveler.

He explained that the weather at that time would certainly be mild, as it was a period when crowds of tourists did not flock to Egypt.

Smith, who lives in California, likes the potential ease of getting to Egypt, too.

"Arranging flights to Egypt is fairly easy, with easy access from Europe, or from the Middle East such as Dubai, Doha or Istanbul," he told CNN.

Smith suggests activities that can be done apart from visiting the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx:

Take a break from the main sites and book an afternoon or full day to relax in Luxor or Aswan.
Visit the Fayoum Oasis, less than two hours south of Cairo, which Smith describes as “the interesting place where you can find remnants of prehistoric times.”

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City's Palace of Fine Arts, Scott Keys, founder of travel advisory site Scott's Cheap Flights, explained that the surge in airfares during the spring made way for lower airfares this fall.

Mexico City, the most populous city in North America, remains a forgotten destination for many travel enthusiasts.

But with its historic sites (Palace Nacional), world-class museums (Palacio de Bellas Artes) and wonderful neighborhoods, exploring Mexico City is not to be missed.

For foodies, the city is home to two of the world's top 10 restaurants for 2022, Pujol and Kentonel.

The weather there may surprise you, and because the city is located at an altitude of about 2,255 meters above sea level, temperatures in October tend to drop to 20 degrees Celsius during the day and about 10 degrees Celsius at night.

A visit to Mexico City during the 1st and 2nd November, coinciding with the Day of the Dead festival, is an unforgettable experience, according to Elizabeth de Cuellac, of travel agency Souvenir & Far.


Palm trees and blue skies frame a tropical beach in South Pacific Samoa., Acres/Adobe Stock This destination is for the adventurous traveler, who doesn't mind the challenge of long distances.

This independent Polynesian paradise in the South Pacific, which was closed for a long time during the pandemic, reopened its borders to tourists on August 1.

Entry requirements look closer to 2021, as visitors 12 years of age and older must have evidence of full vaccination and a negative result for “Covid-19”, and another examination must be taken within three days of arrival.

However, those arriving will be rewarded with inland waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, and opportunities for biking, hiking, surfing and fishing.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid's Retiro Park, says Keys, founder of travel consultancy Scott's Cheap Flights, that Spain's global capital is taking a big hit this fall, pointing to excellent flight deals to Madrid, and noting that Madrid-Barajas International Airport has not suffered. of disruptions experienced by some of the other major European airports this summer.

As for its weather, the intense heat wave in Spain in the summer will soon subside, which is why Keys prefers to visit the Spanish capital during September or October, rather than July or August.

Keys suggested attending the Real Madrid football match at the start of the season, as well as visiting the world-famous Museo del Prado.

And if you want to evoke autumn and see its amazing colors, you will enjoy that by visiting the famous Retiro Park, which includes more than 15,000 trees, which was inscribed as a heritage site on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2021.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Greenville, South Carolina,  Dread Xeppelin Aerial Photograph This small town in the northern part of the state makes a great base for exploring the Carolinas.

You don't even have to leave the city limits to get great views of nature, and Falls Park has green walkways and a waterfall in the heart of the city.

Greenville is a two-and-a-half hour drive from Atlanta, which has the world's busiest airport for passengers.

Bavaria, Germany

An aerial view of the famous Neuschwanstein castle surrounded by the glory of Bavarian autumn.

The charming city of Munich is the center of the country's largest state.

And if you want to enjoy the famous Oktoberfest, mark your calendar for September, as this year's edition runs from September 17 to October 3.

And if you're looking for picturesque scenery, imagine the romantic Neuschwanstein Castle, near the border with Austria, against a backdrop of golden, red and orange autumn leaves.

Since Bavaria is in the heart of Europe, it is a relatively short distance away for many millions of Europeans.

Azores Islands, Portugal

Portugal's tallest mountain is not on the European mainland,  Klara Bakalarova/Adobe Stock For Europeans, North Africans, Americans and Canadians along the Atlantic who don't want to spend much time on the plane, Keys likes to visit "Europe's Hawaii, the Azores." It is an archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, and is considered part of Portugal.

"The Azores is a beautiful destination...with great beaches, mountains, and hiking opportunities," Keys said.

You can see the volcanic roots of the islands everywhere, and thermal pools and volcanic lakes are part of the landscape there.

Hawaii, United States 

Aerial view of the volcanic cone "Diamond Head" on the island of Oahu. marchello74/Adobe Stock September is the least popular month for Hawaii tourism, making it the perfect time to visit if you don't like crowds and want to see "a lot of great travel deals."

And if you want to watch humpback whales, the Auau Shallow Canal, between Maui, Molokai and Lanai, is one of the best whale watching destinations in the world.

And if you aspire to take a difficult challenge, you can climb up on the bike to the volcanic monument “Mass Head”, and you will enjoy the wonderful views from the top.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The main plaza in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires features brightly colored buildings and cobbled streets, SamyStClair/iStock Editorial/Getty Images A good fall 2022 tour is for Spanish speakers, as Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, proves to be an interesting pick during spring. .

“Given the current strength of the US dollar, Argentina and South Africa are incredibly valuable destinations right now,” said Karim George of Culture Traveler.

He added that since visitation levels are not yet back to what they were before the pandemic, this means fewer crowds and higher levels of service.

And in La Boca, Buenos Aires' original colorful port, the tango is an attraction, where you can dance wherever you find space, in the streets and parks.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, Chiara Salvadori/Moment RF/Getty Images Cape Town, the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, is one of the gems of South African travel.

Table Mountain and Robben Island deserve visitors' attention, but tourists may also want to visit the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art in Africa.

Cape Town is also a paradise for wine lovers, as you can start tasting it at the Haute Cabrière wine estate, dating back to 1982, in the Franschhoek Valley.

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