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Ayana Bali hotel and resort : The home of luxury

Bali hotel and resort

Ayana bali resorts is a distinguished hospitality portal with years of experience connecting people to outstanding establishments. You can count on them to make all your special events and holidays a joy. Through them, you are sure to find yourselves holidaying in hotels and resorts that are the epitome of luxury and comfort away from home.

A visit to any of the reputable establishment listed herein will be an experience in the highest standards of hospitality service, adventure, memorable experiences and beautiful bali resorts.  Ayana leads you to bali resorts that offer an exquisite dining experience with signature dishes prepared with the best quality and freshly sourced ingredients. The ambience in all their locations is refreshing and relaxing.

What to expect during your visit to listed hotels

Ayana Bali hotel and resort : The home of luxury

Unique views bali resorts

Every Ayana location gives guests different and unique views. Luxury and comfort are the common feature in every location and the hallmark in every listing.

The Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, provides you with the most enchanting views of your visit. Located on cliff top, you will enjoy lovely views of the sea below and around you and have a view of the surrounding white sandy beaches all around the resort. The most unique aspect of this resort is its Rock Bar. It is uniquely located on a 14 meter rock that overlooks the Indian Ocean, providing unique sunset views and exquisite dining.

Luxurious Accommodation bali resorts

All locations listed in this portal offer comfortable and luxurious accommodation rooms and suites. Their rooms have contemporary and tasteful decoration that provide stunning views of the expansive ocean and infinity swimming pools provided by the hotel. bali resorts

The Villas at Ayana bali resorts specifically offer villas with private swimming pool for each villa and unique views. Suitable for honeymooning couples, this resort offers private and intimate accommodation complete with large marble bathrooms and windows that open to the view of the expansive ocean around it.

Exquisite Dining bali resorts

With highly professional staff in the kitchen and you can expect nothing but tantalizing and delicious meals at each and every Ayana bali resorts listing. Dining areas in all of their listings are set to offer intimate and romantic meals for couples and for families. The restaurants and bars serve all guests with freshly made food and drinks with ingredients sourced from the farming communities found around the locations of our properties.

The meals are professionally prepared and made for satisfaction and to educate our international guests on the food locally available and the diverse cuisine in all our locations. All listings also provide fine dining experiences and food from other international cuisines.

Relaxed Rejuvenation bali resorts

  1. At all Ayana bali resorts listings you can access highest of class spa services. You will enjoy professional massages and relaxing spa services. You will receive high quality pampering at all our spas. At the end of your massage session, you will feel renewed, energized and with enough vigor and zest to enjoy the rest of our enjoyable facilities.
  2. Also on offer, are well equipped gym facilities for guests to carry on with their fitness exercises under the watchful eye of qualified lifestyle advisors. In addition, guests can take part in water sporting activities such as surfing, motor boat racing and swimming for energetic rejuvenation.
  3. Beautiful Wedding grounds and destinations
  4. Ayana bali resorts listings are the epitome of destination weddings and beautiful wedding grounds. You can start a new life with your loved one on the sandy white beaches, surrounded by your family and loved ones in this beautiful scenery that these listings provide.
  5. In addition to special ocean front beaches, you can also enjoy large ballrooms that are artistically decorated and can have additional decoration to suit the couples taste and preferences. Further, you can get the services of qualified wedding planners who will ensure that your special day flows according to plan and without any hitches.
  6. At Ayana bali resorts , you can also get special packages for large wedding parties and honeymooning couples to enjoy a short holiday in our exquisite facilities.


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