What are the basic needs in the bag when traveling in summer

Traveling is a great pleasure, especially in the summer, when it is fun to go out and enjoy the holiday, as it is a common season for tourist trips around the world, and families prepare for it by preparing many travel requirements.

But with the busyness of preparing for the holiday, we may forget to put basic needs in the travel bag, despite our need for these purposes, and discover their importance when arriving on the trip.

What are the basic needs in the bag when traveling in summer

In order to enjoy a comfortable travel experience, it is necessary to make sure to take the most basic needs in the travel bag by preparing a list of these requirements long enough before traveling and reviewing it when packing the bags.

Today, we learn with you about the most important and well-known items that must be present in the travel bag and a list of the most important basic needs in the travel bag to ensure the success of the tourist vacation this summer and not to encounter difficulties that reduce the pleasure of the trip..

Summer vacation essentials:

A copy of important papers

Essential items and necessities in your travel bag that you don't forget this summer
It is preferable that the travel bag include a copy of your important papers such as a copy of your country's identity card, a copy of your passport, a copy of your hotel reservation and travel tickets. You may need these documents in difficult situations.

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Clothes for the number of days of the trip

Essential necessities for this summer's travel bag
It is preferable to take enough pieces of clothes for the number of days of the trip, as you may face difficulty in washing clothes after using them, especially in hot areas where it is not possible to wear the same clothes twice, so it is possible to select a set of clothes for each day.

Adequate and appropriate shoes

The types of shoes in your bag should be suitable for the type of trip and sufficient, for example, you will need flexible sports shoes for walking and roaming, and leather shoes for elegant evening outings, as well as a set of sandals and slippers suitable for beach trips on the sand, touring resorts, parks, and walking on the Corniche.

Discover a list of the most important travel bag needs for summer holidays

your medicines

If you are using a specific medicine for a chronic disease, it is better to take sufficient boxes of this medicine with you, as it may not be available in the country you are going to, or it may be forbidden to dispense it without an approved prescription there. Therefore, it is better to have the necessary medicines available for use when needed, such as blood pressure, diabetes, colon and other medicines. .

You can also put in the travel bag the essential medicines for use such as analgesics and medicines for colds, vomiting and gastroenteritis, you may need them in an emergency and may also be prohibited without a prescription according to the laws of some countries.

dirty clothes bag

You must have a bag in your travel bag to put used and soiled clothes, it cannot be put back in the bag with your other clean clothes.

Hygiene and care products

You must keep small bottles of shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, brush and daily creams for your skin or hair with you. The types you prefer may not be available at your tourist destination, or the conditions for staying in places where these preparations are not available, such as some youth hostels, budget hostels, or transit accommodation may be unavailable. emergency at the airport.

the towel

A towel is also one of the things that you may need unexpectedly. A towel is a must for use in case of overnighting at the airport or spending a hot day at a resort and other circumstances when you are away from a comfortable hotel.

shaving tools

An electric razor or a razor is one of the most important things that you should put in your travel bag, as you may need it, especially on long travel trips.

Children's items

It is preferable to bring all the belongings for your child such as milk bottles, diapers, blankets, food, heat and cold medicines and other supplies, because they may not be easily available at your tourist destination, especially when staying in a secluded resort.

Books and entertainment

During your trip, you will need some books or favorite means of entertainment for your children, such as games, coloring booklets for adults or children, and tablets, which are things that are not easily found in some areas.

Chargers and devices

Phone and laptop chargers and power bank are among the most important supplies that you should have in your bag because they are not available in most places and may be expensive.

eye mask

An eye mask used during sleep is an essential item that should not be forgotten on trips, as it helps to sleep in bright places and hotel rooms with light curtains.

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