Tourism in Sweden: Gothenburg is a leisure destination for families

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 With world-class seafood, first-class restaurants, and a sparkling coastline, Gothenburg has become a hotspot for international tourism.

Any time of the year you visit, travel a few miles from the city and you will discover some of the pristine places to see in Gothenburg along with a plethora of activities that will keep you occupied throughout your journey. Art lovers can have a good time wandering the Gothenburg Museum of Art, which has works by master painters among its exclusive collections. Below, a tour of the most famous entertainment venues in Gothenburg.

Leesburg amusement park

Leesburg amusement park

The experiences you will gather here are real and amazing. From festivities to horseback riding, from whimsical dancing to music, you will be spoiled for choice to enjoy the park.

There are many idyllic spots dotted with colorful flower beds, waterfalls and greenery within the park where you can enjoy family picnics. Music lovers can enjoy the best musicians at the Lilla Scenen and Stora Scenen theaters, or watch great performances at the Liseberg, Rondo and Kaninscenen theaters.

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Gothenburg City Museum

Gothenburg City Museum

The museum is located inside the Swedish East India Company's 18th century building. Museum exhibits depict Gutenberg's 12,000-year history from prehistoric times to the present.

Take a look at Sweden's only preserved Viking ship that displays a stark contrast between bourgeois life and union struggle during the 19th century. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions dealing with contemporary issues of the place and various activities. There is a children's playroom, museum, children's shop, café and restaurant inside the museum where you can relax and refresh after the flight.

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Tourism in Sweden: Gothenburg is a leisure destination for families 2
Slotskogen green oasis is one of the favorite places to go in Gothenburg

A sprawling green oasis with a winding path makes Slotskogen one of the favorite places to go in Gothenburg, Sweden where you can get up close to Gotland ponies, elk and other northern animals. Located to the southwest of the city center, it is home to the Natural History Museum, Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, and the Zoo.

Miles of asphalt trails that wind through open fields and woodlands are great for running and hiking. The outdoor gym at the north end and the running track at the south end of the park are two places you can visit for a workout. On a bike tour, you can explore the interior of the path along forest trails to Vastra Frolunda.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Tourism in Sweden: Gothenburg is a leisure destination for families 3
Gothenburg Botanical Garden

It is one of the largest and best botanical gardens in Europe and is home to more than 16,000 species of plants in various orange plantations, herb garden and rock garden areas. The Botanical Garden with its diverse and impressive plants is one of the most interesting places to see in Gothenburg all year round. Among the wide range of plants in the garden are tropical orchids in Sweden. 

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