Tips to avoid mosquito bites while traveling - Travel Tips

 While traveling to a new tourist destination, some are exposed to many emergency and often annoying problems such as mosquito bites, so a number of points and steps can be identified that contribute to increasing the ability to avoid mosquito bites during travel.

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Tips to avoid mosquito bites while traveling - Travel Tips

Keep away from stagnant water

One way to avoid mosquito bites when traveling is to check if a vacation destination is a hot spot for mosquito activity, especially areas where mosquito-borne diseases are common.
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A little-known fact is that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. This is believed to be due to the contrast that dark colored clothing provides when mosquitoes are more active. Wearing light colored clothing is a good way to avoid mosquito bites.
However, it is important to note that it is also a good idea to stay away from bright colors, as these colors are known to attract stinging insects such as wasps. For this reason, neutral and pastel-colored clothing is recommended to help prevent mosquito bites.

Use insect repellent

When it comes to avoiding mosquito bites, insect repellent is the best way to repel mosquitoes and avoid bites. This is because it is one of the most effective solutions. Insect repellents can be purchased at the pharmacy, where they are applied directly to the skin in order to prevent allergies or any other unpleasant symptoms that come from bites mosquitoes;

Avoid certain times of the day

In general, mosquitoes are most active at dawn, although this may vary depending on the species, these times of the day are often cooler and less windy which makes conditions more favorable for mosquitoes, so it is essential to avoid these times and not be exposed in order to Protection from mosquito bites.

wear appropriate clothing

Most often, mosquitoes bite any area of ​​exposed skin for this reason, it is good to wear long-sleeved clothes to protect the traveler from mosquito bites, so long-sleeved shirts and linen pants are good options at this time.

remove standing water

Being bitten by mosquitoes can be avoided by making the accommodation less attractive to mosquitoes. This can be done simply by remembering to empty the water from the cups.

The use of insect net

Mosquito bites can be prevented by using insect netting. When traveling, it is a good idea to check that the accommodation has mosquito nets around the bed or insect screens on the doors and windows.

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