Tourism in Bursa - The best destinations and tourist places in Bursa

 Bursa is a wonderful Turkish city, currently nicknamed “Yeşil Bursa”, as it is located in the Marmara region between the cities of Ankara and Istanbul in northwestern Turkey. It is also the fourth most populous city in Turkey, which in 2010 had a population of nearly 1.2 million people .

The best destinations and tourist places in Bursa

Knowing that it is the center of the province of Bursa and one of the most important industrial cities of Turkey. The name of the green Bursa is due to the vast and diverse forests scattered around the region and the large number of parks and public gardens in it, noting that in the old days, during the rule of the Ottomans, it was called Hadiyatullah or (Khudavandkar), which was the second capital of the Ottomans after Sogut between 1326 - 1365 AD.

Bursa is classified as the fourth largest city in Turkey after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. It occupies a great cultural and touristic position among Turks and tourists from abroad, making it one of the best places for tourists to enjoy various activities.

The best tourist places in Bursa

Tourism in Bursa is characterized by the presence of many prominent natural places in it, such as waterfalls, lakes, forests and high mountains, which have become a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Because of the urban beauty of its neighborhoods, the aesthetic charm of its green nature and flowering forests, the cultural heritage of its historical monuments, and the melting of many historical civilizations in its crucible, Bursa has become in recent years one of the most famous and distinguished Turkish tourism attractions.

Mount Uludağ Bursa Uludağ

Uludağ is one of the most famous symbols of tourism in Bursa Turkey. The mountain is a snowy resort that attracts ski enthusiasts and amateurs to practice this sport, in addition to visitors who enjoy watching the white peaks and snow that may rise to 4 meters in winter.

The cable car is the best way to reach the top of Uludag Mountain, and a car can be used that takes another path through the historical tree in Bursa.

Hot springs in Bursa Termal

Hot springs are considered one of the most important tourist places in Bursa. They are located in the Tekirga region. These springs feed many hotels and baths that tourists from all over visit for the purpose of recreation or hospitalization with their therapeutic benefits.

Bursa Teferrüç İstasyonu Cable Car

The cable car is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Bursa. You cannot visit the Turkish city of Bursa without trying to go up in the cable car for which it is famous.

The cable car trip extends over a distance of approximately 9 km, where cable cars climb to the top of Uludag Mountain through four stations and offer its passengers an enchanting scenery overlooking the city of Bursa in full.

The cable car can be reached from the city center by taking one of the following buses 15A, 3i or S-2 or by taxi.

Ulu Camii . Great Mosque of Bursa

Ulu Camii or the Great Mosque of Bursa is one of the landmarks of Bursa that dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire. It is considered the first large mosque built in that period between 1396 and 1400.

The mosque represents a wonderful Ottoman architectural masterpiece surrounded by many markets, perhaps the most important of which is the Covered Market, which is one of the historical markets in Bursa.

Ulu Camii can be reached on foot from the city center, which is 15 minutes away, or by tram and internal buses, and get off at Ulu Camii station.

Historic Tree in Bursa Tarihi Çınar Ağacı

The historical trees in Bursa are one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Bursa and the largest historical perennial trees in Turkey, where the beauty of nature and its historical charm is evident in its trunk and branches that were planted hundreds of years ago. tourists.

The historical tree of Bursa can be reached from the city center by bus 1c or by taxi

The Clock Tower of the Tophane Stock Exchange

The construction of the clock tower in Bursa dates back to the period of Sultan Abdul Aziz (1860-1876), when the tower was dedicated to extinguishing fires. It was built of huge stones superimposed on each other to form a prominent edifice that glows luminously at night in the most beautiful and enchanting scenery overlooking the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa. Market.

The tower can be easily reached by metro, get off at Şehreküstü station, walk 10 minutes later, or take the red tram at Timurtaş Paşa station, and then go up the escalator to reach it or by taxi.

Gumali Kızık, the Ottoman village

The Ottoman Village is one of the most beautiful and oldest tourist places in Bursa, as its establishment dates back to the ancient Ottoman period, approximately 700 years ago.

It can be reached from the city center by metro and get off at Cumalikizik station named after the village and then take the D-10 bus to reach the heart of the village.

Delight factory in Bursa lokum fabrikasi

The lokum factories are considered one of the most important and famous tourist places in Bursa, and they are distributed within the city in different places, some of which are specialized in their manufacture only, and some of them sell various items to visitors in addition to providing hospitality to tourists to taste all kinds before buying them.

Misi Köyü . village

The village of Mesi Bursa, with its breathtaking nature surrounded by four hills covered with forests and ancient buildings, is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa. It was founded nearly 2000 years ago in the Nilufer region, which includes many restaurants and parks, and is only 12 kilometers from the center of Bursa.

You can reach the village of Messe from the city center by metro and get off at the acemler station and then ride on the buses from the station to the village, or by taking a taxi or a private car and heading to the Nilufer area.

The Green Mosque in Bursa

The Green Mosque in Bursa is considered one of the most important and most beautiful landmarks of history and tourism in Bursa, because of its great historical role. It is a symbol of unity and strength in the Ottoman era, in addition to the antique art that it reflects. Its windows to all its gates and he is generally a master of art that you have not seen anywhere else.

The Green Mosque is located in the Yildirim district of Bursa and can be reached from the city center by bus 36A or 3i and get off at Yeşil station or by metro. The nearest station to the mosque is (Gökdere).

Honey apiaries in Bal Kovanlari Bursa

Honey apiaries in Bursa are one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Bursa. They are located in most of the mountainous and forested areas, which include charming natural landmarks around them. During this visit, you will learn about many different honey farms and the nature adopted in that.

Where you will learn about all the famous types of honey in Turkey, which are extracted from different places, such as pine honey, rose honey, chestnut, and the most famous of which is mountain flower honey.

Golyazi village in Bursa Golyazi

The village of Golyazi in Bursa is the historical face of the city, which was classified as the most beautiful and oldest village in Bursa, and even turned into a tourist attraction par excellence because of the fun it provides to its visitors, and it is located on a peninsula in Lake Albat.

It is distinguished by its simple and colorful structures, its cobblestone floors, Roman Catholic churches and mosques that were built from the Ottoman era, in addition to the many Roman monuments scattered on the island.

The village is located 40 km from the city of Bursa in southwestern Turkey and can be reached by car

Mudanya Bursa

Mudanya Bursa is one of the oldest and most beautiful tourist areas in Bursa, as it attracts many tourists annually, whether to visit it or to stay there, due to its distinctive character and buildings that date back to previous ancient times.

And its ideal attractions, such as the beautiful and beautiful coasts of Mudanya Bursa, which have clean, sparkling and clean waters, make it the ideal place for practicing various water sports such as snorkeling, water skiing, and even playing parachute.

Mudanya Bursa is located in the center of western Turkey and can be reached from Bursa city center by metro and get off at (EMEK) station and then take a bus to reach Mudanya Beach.

Tirilye Mudanya Village

The village of Trilia Mudanya is one of the most famous villages in Bursa, as it attracts thousands of tourists annually because of its very attractive landmarks that made it gain the attention of the municipality and the governorate. Tourist places in Bursa.

The village of Trilia is located on the coast of the Marmara Sea in the city of Mudanya in Bursa in the center of western Turkey.

Botanical Park in Bursa Bursa Botanical Park

Botanic Park Bursa was established in 1998 AD to be one of the largest gardens in Bursa, with an estimated area of ​​about 400,000 square meters covered with green spaces. It contains approximately 8000 trees of more than 150 different species, and about 6000 flowers belonging to 25 species have been planted. Various of roses plus hundreds of shrubs.

The park can be reached easily from Kent Square in the city center by bus 17D or from the Alti Parmek area via buses 15 or 15H or by minibus from the city center (Dolmash).

There are also many parks and gardens in Bursa that attract tourists and provide them with a relaxing and enjoyable time in the lap of nature.

Iznik Lake Bursa

Iznik Lake provides its visitors with many enjoyable water activities, which are the main pastimes in this area, where you can go out for a walk in the middle of the boat, or practice fishing in peace, or you can practice surfing and water skiing for more excitement.

The lake is located in the city of Iznik in the southeast of the Marmara Sea in the city of Bursa.

Oylat Waterfall, Bursa

Oilat Waterfall is one of the most famous and most beautiful tourist places in Bursa, as it attracts thousands of tourists annually on an amazing journey that they go on foot in order to reap a wonderful view.

In the Aweilat waterfall, you will be captivated by the view of the pure water as it permeates the depths of the rocks from the top to meet in a pool, from which the water is distributed in the form of valleys and streams, where you can sit and enjoy it or you can swim in it and enjoy its water.

Oilat Waterfall is located next to Owilat Cave, 70 km from Bursa.

Covered Market Covered Market

The Kapalı Çarşı Roofed Market is one of the most important and famous markets in the Turkish city of Bursa. It is located in the city center behind the Grand Mosque of Bursa. The tourist finds in it a popular and social record, a haven for simplicity and an intimate remembrance of the city's ancient past.

It contains shops selling clothes, in addition to many other shops such as gold shops and accessories stores. One of the most important markets is the Silk Market, which includes a number of shops specialized in selling the finest silk and luxurious fabrics.

In the middle of these shops is a large courtyard that includes a number of popular restaurants and cafes, which are characterized by their simple atmosphere, and there is a mosque in the middle of the courtyard.

The covered market can be accessed either by metro and get off at Şehreküstü station and reach it on foot or by red tram at Ulu Camii station and enter it from the Bursa Grand Mosque.

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