Mistakes that tourists make when visiting Spain

 Spain embraces the most famous destinations and tourist attractions, which attract any tourist to visit it and spend time there to enjoy its special atmosphere that is unparalleled in any other tourist destination, but there are some mistakes that some tourists may make during the tourist trip in Spain, which can be identified Some to refrain from doing on upcoming tourist trips.

Mistakes that tourists make when visiting Spain

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Eating too early

One of the things that shocks tourists in Spain is Spaniards late lunch and dinner. Lunch is the main meal of the day in Spanish culture and often consists of more than one dish. Lunch in Spain tends to be between 2 and 4 pm.
You might think that lunch in Spain is very late, however, dinner is late and usually between 9 and 10 pm, dinner in Spain is also usually a lighter meal compared to lunch, for example. When it comes to eating out, you can't expect to find a Spanish restaurant open before 8pm.

Not taking pickpocket seriously

All things considered, Spain is a very safe country though, so the traveler should be careful with his personal belongings, especially in major Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​tourist areas and public transportation are hotspots for pickpocketing, and in general, the Targeting tourists in these areas.

How to avoid being pickpocketed in Spain?

To avoid pickpockets in Spain, do not leave the traveler's camera on the table in a restaurant, as well as the need to pay attention and focus in public transport from pockets, handbag or backpack, and not even think about keeping the phone in the back pocket on an underground surface.

Not wearing a shirt outside

While in some countries, such as the UK, removing the shirt at the first sight of the sun is very acceptable for men, in Spain that is not the case unless you are at the beach. Wearing his shirt will make the traveler look some odd, and maybe a fine in some parts of Spain.

We expect everyone to speak English

Traveling abroad means adopting a new culture, and in many cases this means a new language. Regardless of the country, a traveler may turn to English to communicate with the locals, but even if one is only traveling to Spain for a vacation, or to an area with a lot of For expats, it is still a good idea to be good at Spanish while in the tourist destination.

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