Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, in the list of the best international streets

 Cities and streets have become on the list of interests of the pioneers of social networking sites, so that some cities have become more famous and glamorous, and have gained the admiration of bloggers and the public at an accelerating pace in recent years, so they have won a distinguished position in the lists of the best and most popular.

Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, in the list of the best international streets

On the list of the most preferred streets in the world for the year 2022 issued by Time Out platform , Jumeirah Street in Dubai shines among the favorite names and is one of the wonderful destinations for tourism in the city of Dubai.

Dubai and its streets are of great interest to tourism lovers around the world, thanks to their dazzling brilliance, modern atmosphere, and diversity of destinations that suit all tastes.. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of its most famous streets, Jumeirah Street, is on the list of the best streets around the world.

The list includes the names of the streets that have been admired by travelers, tourism experts and bloggers, as these streets express the country's culture and tourist atmosphere and have given the joy of life to thousands after the Corona pandemic receded.

In this year's list, 33 streets from around the world starred in the list of the best tourist streets, such as MacDougall Street in New York, Massimo Street and Wellington Street in Montreal, which is described as a great destination for cafes and snacks.

Mexico also featured Avenida Amsterdam, Gertrude Street from Melbourne, Australia, and Tai Ping Shan Street in Hong Kong, which is full of café life and a friendly environment with pets, while in Taiwan, Yongkang Street in Taipei City shined on the list.

In Europe, Deptford Street in London emerged on the list, as it is a lively street with a ambiance of cafes and shopping. As for Denmark, Værnedamsvej Street shined in Copenhagen because it mimics the atmosphere of Paris.

On the list of the best international streets in 2022 were streets from Athens, Madrid, Dublin, Los Angeles, Dubai, Tokyo, Accra, Istanbul, Mumbai, Singapore, Accra and San Francisco.

And Jumeirah Beach Street in Dubai, which got a position among the list of the best international streets in 2022, is one of Dubai's most important tourist destinations because it is vibrant and has various facilities that suit all the needs of visitors and tourists.

Jumeirah Street sparkles with charming beach nature scenes with a modern and elegant atmosphere embodied in many hotel buildings, resorts and shopping areas, in addition to restaurants and cafes with an international atmosphere that suits all tastes.

Commercial centers and shopping areas in Jumeirah Street Dubai

Jumeirah Street Dubai sparkles with a pleasant tourist atmosphere by pxhere

Jumeirah Street includes many shopping centers and elegant malls that include various high-end stores and the most beautiful goods for shopaholics such as perfumes, jewelry, cosmetics, electronic and household appliances, and others.

One of the most important malls on Jumeirah Street is Mercato Mall, which includes hundreds of high-end fashion and entertainment stores, in addition to The Mall, which shines with many international and youth brands, cafes and restaurants.

There is also the Galleria Mall, which is a huge shopping center with elegant architectural design and many luxury stores, in addition to the Town Center, Jumeirah Plaza Center, Village Mall and Jumeirah Beach Center.

Diverse entertainment on Jumeirah Street Dubai

Jumeirah Street in Dubai shines with many entertainment destinations such as the Aquaventure Water Park, which is ideal for a fun day with the family, as it is distinguished by the most wonderful water games, restaurants and facilities for children.

You can also visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium , a garden that offers a tour of water tunnels among thousands of charming marine creatures in a breathtaking experience.

Also, on Jumeirah Street, the Dubai Water Canal is distinguished by a stunning geometric design that mimics the Golden Gate in San Francisco, and includes jogging areas, walking and cycling paths, and waterfalls.

It is also possible to spend an enjoyable time in the JBR promenade near the JBR beach on Jumeirah Street, where you can enjoy the warm beach atmosphere and practice water sports or enjoy a stroll among the most beautiful facilities such as cafes, restaurants and elegant shops.

It is not possible to visit Jumeirah Street without relaxing in one of the attractive beaches such as La Mer Beach, which is distinguished by the atmosphere of marine sports, or visiting the Palm Jumeirah Fountain, which is the largest dancing fountain in the world and offers dazzling performances of music and dancing water.

Jumeirah Street Dubai restaurants

Jumeirah Dubai Street shines with many high-end and international restaurants that satisfy all tastes and suit lovers of trying different international cuisines, such as Sumo Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Zozo Lebanese Restaurant, Scalini Italian Restaurant, Turkish Village Restaurant, Koya Restaurant, Majlis Al Sultan Restaurant and many more.

There is no doubt that Jumeirah Dubai Street is one of the best tourist destinations in Dubai, and it sparkles with all the elements of holidays and fun times, so it deserves to be on the list of the best international streets in 2021.

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