Information you should know before traveling to African countries

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Travel requires familiarization with the culture and customs of the destination and its attractive features. Therefore, traveling to African countries needs the traveler to be aware and sufficiently familiar with some basic information, the most important of which are:

Information you should know before traveling to African countries

It is recommended that you check the customs and traditions of the country before visiting it


The passport of the traveler must be valid at least six months after the date of return, and if not, it is necessary to renew it before departure.

Visa requirements

While many African countries allow visa-free travel to South Africa, some destinations require a visa to enter, so it is important to check and confirm all visa requirements with a travel professional when booking your tourist trip as it may take a few weeks to obtain a visa in some destinations. People traveling with a European or British passport pay additional visa costs.

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Health and safety requirements

When traveling during an epidemic period, travelers need to consider the vaccination requirements and health guidelines of the country, and it is also highly recommended to speak to a travel professional to find out the health and safety requirements.

The traveler may need a yellow fever vaccination certificate, or you may enter an area with a high risk of malaria.

Travel to African countries


When driving by road, it is necessary to do a thorough research on road conditions, speed limits and limits,

The traveler may need to obtain an IDP permit through before you are allowed to rent a car in their destination country.

travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance is a requirement, as it is necessary for travelers to have insurance that covers medical evacuations.

customs and traditions

It is advised to check the customs and traditions of the country before visiting it, as it may have modest dress requirements for women in public places.



It is preferable to look for transportation offers for a tourist destination, whether by taxi, train or tuk-tuk, experiencing an African city the same way locals do is often much cheaper than renting a car.

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