In-flight entertainment the tourist trip on the plane

 There are a lot of entertainment means that any traveler can practice throughout the tourist trip so that he does not feel bored or uncomfortable, especially on long tourist trips, so a number of these means can be identified in the following set of points to start doing.

In-flight entertainment the tourist trip on the plane

Reading or writing during the tourist trip on the plane

Electronic guide for in-flight entertainment

You can watch the favorite movie on the plane using the mobile phone and the Internet, as this method is among the entertaining and entertaining ways that contribute to spending the whole time watching the movie and enjoying it throughout the tourist trip.

Playing electronic games

Many entertaining electronic games can be downloaded through different applications by using the mobile phone before the tourist trip, and playing and having fun during the tourist trip through the use of these electronic games, which have a contributing role in spending a lot of time and not feeling it during the trip.

creative writing

When traveling on a long tourist trip, this time can be spent doing a lot of fun and creative activities, the most important of which is doing creative writing and occupying free time by recording all the happy moments that the traveler goes through throughout the tourist trip.

Learning languages

Many applications can be downloaded on the mobile phone that have a contributing role in learning many languages ​​throughout the tourist trip, especially when traveling to a new tourist destination, some terms can be learned in its language in order to increase the opportunity to acclimatize with its local and indigenous people.

Hear your favorite music

You can take advantage of the long time of the tourist trip and start listening to the traveler's favorite music by downloading a lot of tracks via the mobile phone, and start listening to the list throughout the trip and enjoy the time.


Knitting is a good and distinctive way to occupy free time throughout the tourist trip, through the use of colored threads and needles, and start making some special handicrafts throughout the tourist trip on the plane.

talk to others

This skill is also a fun and entertaining skill by talking with other people on the plane, they can be seatmates or flight attendants, and they may have a role in getting a lot of travel advice before you get to the destination. the passenger.

adult coloring

It is possible to buy different and varied coloring books and do coloring on the plane, which fills the free time in addition to increasing the fun of the long trip without getting bored.

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