Important tips when traveling to Florence

The city of Florence is located in the northwest of Italy, and it is also among the most famous places and tourist destinations in Italy because it contains many different tourist attractions, so many tourists want to be there. Which any tourist must follow when visiting Florence.

Important tips when traveling to Florence

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Getting to know the locals in the tourist destination

Always carry cash

In the Tuscan area, ATMs usually charge high commission fees, so exchange rates should be reasonable, so carrying some spare cash would be a good and useful thing.

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Find restaurants where locals abound

Avoid those restaurants in the city center that are crowded with tourists, for a taste of the traditional Italian cuisine that the locals enjoy, the traveler can move to areas far from the historical center, it is good to make friends with some of the locals and get their suggestions as well.

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Indulge in street food

Florence's local specialties, such as tripe, pizza and lambreto are some of the must-do dishes when you're in the Tuscan capital. Small local places serve these, except for the dining options, so it's possible to opt for takeaway and enjoy a good meal on the roadside or in the garden.

Getting ready for picnics

There are many picturesque walled gardens in Florence with interesting artistic installments, if the traveler has some time to spare, it is possible to take a pleasant stroll around these gardens and take a stroll outside, as well as visit a market for fresh produce such as cheese, bread or fruit juices Fresh food along the way for a refreshing evening in the fresh air.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the free attractions

There are plenty of activities to do for free in Florence, such as strolling through the Basilica of Santa Croce, watching the leather artists display their craftsmanship around every corner, or taking a trip down memory lane.

Mondays are off for the museum

Most museums are closed on Mondays, which makes weekends very crowded, so he recommends choosing less traditional things to do on Saturdays and Sundays to avoid weekend crowds, the most important of which is to head to the nearby Piazza della Signoria or the bridge. Ponte Vecchio” to rest.

Free entry to state museums

If your itinerary permits, you can choose to be in Florence on the first Sunday of every month between March and October, state museums don't charge a cent on these days, although you may have to battle the crowds of people and tourists that are in abundance. in tourist attractions.

Free admission to the Museums of Florence on the first Sunday of every month between March and October
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