How to act when losing a passport?

 The passport is among the important and necessary documents and papers that the traveler may need on his tourist trip so as not to be exposed to any annoying situation, so there are many important ways and steps that any traveler can follow when losing a passport.

Contact the police when you lose your passport

How to act when losing a passport?

Save the embassy phone number

The phone number of the embassy can be taken in case something happens, the traveler will need to reach their services in case of any accidents.

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Pay to replace passport book

It is recommended when contacting the consulate to check and verify the amount that the traveler needs to bring to pay for the replacement passport, as well as to find out the method of payment and prepare for it in advance.

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Contact the consulate when you lose your passport

Cancel all credit cards

If the traveler's wallet or credit cards are also lost, they must be canceled immediately, so that no one can use them immediately after receiving them.

Apply to reissue a visa

With the loss of the passport, every visa the traveler may have is lost. However, it can be restored by visiting the embassy of the country that issued the visa, even in this process a copy of the old visa and police report will be required.

Flight rescheduling

It would be impossible for a person to travel without a passport, and the reissue could take several days, so the traveler should consider rescheduling the cruise if necessary, by telling the traveler's airline the situation to avoid any trouble in the future.

Claim travel insurance

The traveler's travel insurance provider can be contacted as soon as possible and informed of the situation. It is also necessary to keep the police report and receipts for expenses due to the loss of the passport on hand, in order for the travel insurance to pay the necessary compensation for the loss of the passport and other consequences that It may come after various expenses.

Document collection

In addition to a passport photo, the traveler will need some form of identification (such as their driver's license), itinerary (such as a return flight ticket), proof of citizenship (a scan or copy of your lost passport) and a police report if the traveler has By submitting it, even if he is not able to provide all these documents, the consular staff will help to replace the passport as soon as possible, as this is one of the necessary steps that no traveler can afford to miss.

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