Emirates' creativity continues with the 'Geese Jerry Travels with Excellence' campaign

 Emirates Airlines has unveiled a new and distinguished brand ambassador. After celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Chris Hemsworth and Jimmy Clarkson performed this task, it is now the turn of "Jerry Geese" to invite customers to learn about the benefits and services of the largest international carrier in the world, and choose to travel with "always distinguished".

Emirates is launching its global advertising campaign in the US and Europe in early September, reminding customers that Emirates offers an unrivaled in-flight travel experience, with award-winning inflight entertainment, world-class cabin crew, regionally inspired cuisine and premium beverages. To enhance the “best in the air” experience, Emirates also offers a great experience on the ground, by providing various options for checking in online and from home, transportation to and from the airport by chauffeur and distinguished private lounges.

The story of the campaign revolves around Jerry the geese flicking his feathers and making the decision to fly in premium economy class with Emirates Airlines, while his companions in a flock of migratory birds take their wings on a long and exhausting journey. Jerry is seen out of the plane window, past his buddies, enjoying a hearty meal and relaxing in his comfortable seat as he watches "The Goose, The Bad and The Ugly" on his 13.3-inch personal video screen.

Emirates' creativity continues with the 'Geese Jerry Travels with Excellence' campaign

“We are the ones who choose our brand ambassadors,” said Richard Billington, Emirates Senior Vice President of Marketing and Branding. 
In terms of attributes and profile, Jerry is a smart traveler who knows what he wants and where he wants to go, but is determined to travel in style, with luxury and comfort as a priority. After reviewing his smooth travel experience, we are confident that his friends will choose to fly even better in the future.”

  • Geese Jerry in brief

Jerry's career began and developed at the Emirates headquarters in Dubai, where the concept of his flight was conceived and then evolved into aviation. The idea then moved to “Untold Studios” in London, and 3D prototypes of geese were created through computer-generated images, and the imaging process took 14 weeks, with the participation of a talented team that created each feather with attention to lighting and texture, as well as carefully created movements and added A life on the character. It took time and effort to animate Jerry's friends, photography in London to capture nature scenes, and filming on an Emirates plane in Dubai.

Jerry, who is new to the field of acting, defines the most prominent stages of his career so far with his appearance in the Emirates television advertising campaign. The ad will be shown in 25 countries for one month, starting with the United States on August 30, followed by Europe.

Throughout the filming, Jerry collaborated fully with renowned British commentator Michael Cronin to capture the delicate notes of the seasoned nature documenter.

Jerry is a large Canadian wild geese (Branta Candensis), which has black heads and necks, white cheeks, whites under the beak, and a brownish body. This family inhabits the polar and temperate regions of North America, and migrates across the Atlantic Ocean to northern Europe.

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