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The price of it may exceed a million dollars.. Eco-friendly floating homes are for sale soon 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Floating homes, luxury living and smart home technology don't necessarily have to be present together.

But Panama-based Ocean Builders, which specializes in innovative marine technology, has unveiled a fleet of "revolutionary pods" that manage to combine all three elements together.

Described as "the world's first ecological restoration", prices range from $295,000 to $1.5 million, and are currently under construction on the northern coast of Panama.

Dutch architect Koen Ulthes and his team at Waterstudio designed the three models available.

They include the flagship model SeaPod, designed for aquatic life.

The GreenPod capsule designed for use on Earth, the EcoPod capsule is an economical and environmentally friendly option.

high structure

An image showing a Seapod capsule, one of three models from Panama-based Ocean Builders.

The Seapod capsule was designed by Rüdiger Koch, Ocean Builders' chief of engineering, with CEO Grant Romont, as a solution to space shortages at popular beach destinations.

The elevated structure provides a living space of 73 square meters, comprising a master bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, spread over three and a half levels.

The unit uses more than 1,688 cubic feet of steel tubes filled with air to float 2.2 meters above the waves.

Romont hopes the design will challenge perceptions of homes and travel, as well as allow residents to live on the water without having to make sacrifices when it comes to “modern luxury.”

"So we designed a house that floats on water to give you the experience of living on land, and more than that," he explained.

The capsules will be equipped with the latest technology, to suit the applications and each design.

futuristic homes

The elevated structure was designed by Dutch architect Koen Ulthes, and his team at Waterstudio.

“I like to think of it as having a phone as a digital assistant, your home actually becomes your assistant, and you can use it to improve your life,” Romont said.

The capsules will initially be located in an area near the Linton Bay Marina.

The Ocean Builders team hopes to be able to distribute the capsules internationally once they are certain that the technology will be supported elsewhere.

It is reported that Romont previously lived in a houseboat in Toronto.

"There's something really magical about being able to get up in the morning, cross your bottom layer, and then jump on your paddleboard," he said.

Drones for delivery

The capsules are still under construction in Panama.

The question remains... What about the practicalities like grocery shopping, and the round-trip travel from the capsule to the mainland?

Romont explained that dedicated drones will be used to deliver items such as medicine and food, in addition to "small everyday necessities."

For larger deliveries, there is a stand-alone vessel, which will also serve as an ocean recycling vessel, collecting garbage and debris in order to keep the surrounding area clean.

ecological restoration homes

These capsules will be “built and managed in harmony with the surrounding area.”

Residents and visitors can be transported to and from SeaPod via canoes, jet skis, local water taxis, and their own boats or ships.

"We are trying to build and design an eco-friendly home," Romondt explained.

He continued, "We are always trying to innovate and find ways to do it in a better way. We are not perfect at the moment, but we strive to be like that all the time."

The first completed capsules will be revealed online in late September, and potential buyers will be able to go and see for themselves shortly after.

“People have been trying to buy them for years,” Romont said, explaining that the Ocean Builders team decided not to take deposits so buyers could see the capsules in action.

big project

The SeaPod capsule offers an area of ​​73 square metres, spread over three and a half levels.

 "This is a very new thing," Romont explained. "There are a lot of real estate businesses that people put money into that never actually materializes."

He continued, "We did not want to take deposits so that people could visit the capsule... I am excited that we have finally reached this stage."

He stated, "This is a huge project...I wanted to complete it two years ago...but implementing it in just three and a half years is very amazing."

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