Emirates News Agency - Dubai is full of distinctive entertainment destinations

 Emirates News Agency - Dubai is full of distinctive entertainment destinations that provide exceptional experiences for families

DUBAI, 27th August / WAM / The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai has highlighted
a wide range of destinations that meet the aspirations of families in an air-conditioned atmosphere,
so that all family members can enjoy a variety of activities in late
summer, which offer wonderful experiences that vary between swimming pools, rinks, and swimming pools.
Indoor skiing , water adventures, arcades, and many more.

Emirates News Agency - Dubai is full of distinctive entertainment destinations

Among the most prominent of these distinctive destinations is BOUNCE, the largest indoor trampoline hall
in Dubai, an ideal entertainment destination in the summer season, with
trampoline platforms connected to each other, air bags, and a path to challenge obstacles
and adventure. BOUNCE is the first of its kind in the world,
which includes an indoor playground with parkour tracks, facilities for
Freestyle sports, and other exciting activities and kinetic experiences, where
beginners who love jumping and climbing walls can practice their hobby in a
trampoline area designed to suit their abilities.

The Blue Wave Swimming Club provides unique training and advanced individual lessons
for swimming lovers of all ages, and participants from children and young people can
learn swimming skills through five levels, namely, Starfish, Goldfish,
Dolphin, Sharks, and Barracuda, while adults receive
swimming training classes and sessions. Ladies only. The club includes a 25-
meter training pool, a 15-meter educational pool for adults and children, as well as
the Splash Island water park, which allows visitors to enjoy various
special water activities.

The iFly Dubai indoor aviation center allows testing the free jump experience without
the need to jump from the plane, and is the perfect place for beginners and professionals
to practice free jumping skills, including children from three years old,
in addition to virtual reality experiences that combine the enthusiasm of the
actual experience, and comfort And safety in an enclosed space.

In turn, lovers of sports and recreational physical activities
indoors will find what meets their tastes when visiting Dubai Sports World, which is a
safe and ideal indoor destination to enjoy summer experiences, as it offers a range of
sports and academic training sessions for all ages, and a range of activities including
football, soccer Basketball, cricket, badminton, and many more.

From its location in Mina Rashid, Rolle DX Dubai offers
classic disco skating fun for adults and children, and welcomes skaters of all
ages and levels, and offers skate rental, educational lessons that allow
them to develop their basic skills, and learn dance moves.

While Ski Dubai, which has been chosen as the best indoor ski resort in the world
for several times, provides an ideal option to spend the most beautiful times, as it includes five
ski runs of varying lengths and levels to suit different skills, and also hosts an
indoor ski school that offers private lessons for beginners and professionals under the supervision of
specialized instructors. The snow park, which extends over an area of ​​4,500 square meters, provides
activities for skiing, tobogganing, inflatable balls and various games, including
Mountain Thriller, which takes visitors on an exciting adventure at an altitude of 150 meters
at a speed of up to 40 kilometers per hour. The Swiss-style chalets offer the little ones the
chance to savor hot chocolate before going on
a snowy trek, and meet the penguins up close.

Brain Gym's interactive escape rooms provide challenging
and competitive family experiences, where contestants embark on exciting adventures that test their mental
and cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, endurance and strength. The destination offers
more than 20 challenges, ensuring families are re-experienced several times to solve
puzzles, challenging their physical and mental capacities.

Children have the opportunity to acquire realistic skills at the KidZania
Children’s Education and Entertainment Center in The Dubai Mall. The center extends over a spacious interior
with designs and facilities that mimic the real world, allowing children and young
people between the ages of 4 and 16 years the opportunity to explore more than 70
different professions and crafts in The interactive city, which launches special entertainment shows and
sessions to teach how to prepare pizza, and provides youngsters with skills to manage the money of
their own projects and many other educational experiences and entertaining activities.

LEGOLAND Dubai, located in Dubai Parks and Resorts, is an ideal stop for
children aged two to 12 years old. The miniature city is
one of the park’s distinctive areas, as it extends over a
unique interactive space designed using more than 20 million Lego cubes in
an air-conditioned indoor hall, and includes models that simulate the most prominent landmarks of the Middle East such as
the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building made of Lego cubes in the world. Visitors can also
build their own city on a 10-meter-long playing table.

Visitors to the "Dubai Frame" can enjoy panoramic views of Dubai
and learn about its history from inside the Dubai Frame, the largest frame-shaped building in
the world, with a height of 150 meters and a width of at least 95 meters. This amazing landmark takes
families on an exciting journey into the emirate's glorious past, where they can
explore the evolution of Dubai, which has transformed from a small trading port into a
world famous city. The Dubai Frame's indoor observation deck offers
exceptional views of the Old City from the north, including Dubai Creek, the
Al Fahidi Historical District, and New Dubai from the south, including the Burj Khalifa.

While the environmental dome “The Green Planet” invites its visitors to explore the atmosphere
of the tropical forests, as it embraces more than 3,000 species of plants
, animals and birds. Guests of all ages have amazing moments
watching sloths or lemurs roaming freely among the trees. The green sanctuary takes
the little ones on a trip into the Australian wilderness, and they may even get
the chance to see wallabies or carpet snakes. Exceptional experiences
at The Green Planet range from an overnight adventure camping in the
rainforest, piranha snorkeling to a one-day zookeeper assignment

while; The Dubai Mall offers a wide range of family activities and
immersive experiences for all visitors of all ages and interests. The largest shopping center in the world hosts
a variety of restaurants and cafes that
serve delicious meals from the most famous international cuisines, as well as the largest indoor aquarium in
the world, an ice rink designed according to Olympic standards, and other stations
that ensure families spend an exceptional day. Visitors can enjoy many
indoor experiences suitable for the summer, where they can visit the magical world of the sea
, or enhance their ice skating skills during training sessions at
the Dubai Ice Rink.

As for the Museum of Mystery in the Seef District, it takes its visitors on an unforgettable journey into
the amazing world of optical illusions. It also hosts rooms full of optical illusions,
including the tilted gravity defying room, the infinity room, and the
upside-down room. Families can also pass through the first-of-its-kind vortex tunnel in
the region, a revolving cylinder that takes them on an adventure full of excitement and suspense.

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