Alaska Airlines creates electronic baggage tags to speed up check-in

  Alaska Airlines has unveiled new technology that will shorten passenger check-in time, especially with the increase in demand for travel during the summer holiday season, with electronic bags attached to their bags, according to Fox Business News.

Alaska Airlines creates electronic baggage tags to speed up check-in

Alaska Airlines, based in Washington, DC

announced that it will be the first American passenger carrier to launch a programmable electronic tag program by late 2022. The program will allow customers to check their baggage with the airline before they arrive at the airport, as well as transmit their flight data to those devices through application on their phone.

The mechanism is set to help complete almost the entire check-in process outside the airport

 said Charu Jin, the company's senior vice president, last Tuesday. The company also expects to reduce the time spent by travelers checking their luggage by 40% with the use of the new cards.

Mr. Jain added, “This technology will not only enable travelers to retrieve their bags quickly, but will also help reduce the number of queues at airports. It will also provide an opportunity for work crews to allocate more time to passengers who need assistance.”

Passengers will be able to attach and activate electronic baggage tags from anywhere

 bypassing the traditional airport baggage tag printing step.

Note that cards can be activated up to 24 hours in advance of flights through the Alaska Airlines online app. The electronic card, manufactured by the Dutch company BAGTAG, contains an "antenna signal receiver" that can read all information related to the passenger's journey through the phone, to display it on the screen of the card attached to the bag.

According to CNN , these programmable devices will be launched in three phases during 2022 and 2023. The first phase will begin at San Jose International Airport, California, in late 2022.

This move comes at a time when airports are facing a surge in passenger numbers since the start of the Corona pandemic. This month, Transportation Security Administration officers screened more than two million passengers at security checkpoints nationwide, the largest number received at airports since February 2020.

At the end of the year, Alaska Airlines

 will first provide tickets to more than 2,000 frequent flyers on its flights, free of charge. It will then be offered for purchase to members of the company's Mileage Plan traveler program in early 2023.

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