Air ticket prices are expected to drop by 40% in the fall

 Having experienced soaring airfares during the summer, travelers look set to receive good news during the fall, as domestic airfares are expected to drop nearly 40% in the coming fall months, according to travel booking platform Hopper data .

Huber expected that domestic airline ticket prices would drop by about 38% from their peak summer prices, noting that the cost of a domestic round-trip ticket is expected to be about $238 on average, which is $142 less than summer prices.

Huber explained that the cheapest domestic travel destination is San Diego, California, which will be about $252 round-trip on average, saving $230 compared to summer prices.

The average airfare to Salt Lake City, Utah, is $242, round trip, which is about $200 less than in the summer. Round-trip fares to Los Angeles, California, will average $246 during the fall months.

Air ticket prices are expected to drop by 40% in the fall

International travel tickets

Meanwhile, international airfares are set to drop about 19%, which is good news for those looking to take outdoor adventures after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dropped COVID-19 restrictions on international travel. According to abcnews .

Huber says travelers can fly on flights to Grenada for $483 one way, which saves them $460 over summer prices.

They can also fly on flights to Zurich, Switzerland, for $691, which is a saving of $275. A round-trip ticket to Bali, Indonesia can also be found for $1,183, down $431 from the height of summer.

Travel experts at Hopper advise travelers to book domestic flights at least three weeks in advance, noting that prices begin to rise rapidly in the last few weeks before the trip.

For international travel plans, experts advise to book at least one month in advance, noting that now is the time to get the best rate.

Experts also advise you to be flexible on your travel days, noting that midweek flights and hotel accommodations can save many dollars compared to weekend trips.

good indicators

Travelers received some good news and indications in last Wednesday's inflation report, including that airline ticket prices are dropping at a faster pace.

The report indicated that the average price of an airline ticket fell 7.8% in July, to $311, after a 1.8% decline in June. According to the Associated Press ,

But the report indicated that the average price of a ticket last July was still 27.7% higher than it was in July last year.

He explained that airlines raised prices because travel demand has become matching or exceeding pre-pandemic levels, at a time when airlines are operating fewer flights, and fuel prices have increased dramatically and nearly doubled since 2019.

Air ticket prices peaked last May, when summer vacation sales were in full swing.

Prices usually drop in late summer and early fall, as the holidays are over and children are back in school. However, the decline is expected to be more dramatic than usual this year. This is partly because summer prices have been so high, and the cost of jet fuel has fallen by nearly a quarter since late April.

Prices for domestic flights within the US are expected to average $286 in August, and remain at $300 or less until October, when many people book Thanksgiving and Christmas flights, when increased demand will start to drive prices up again.

It is unclear whether inflation and a possible recession will have any effect on people's desire to travel in the coming period.

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