Violet Island .. A trip to the land of Korean lavender

South Korea is strengthening its position as a destination for incoming tourism from the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, thanks to the diversity and attractiveness of tourism products and the quality of hospitality services, which will enhance the growth of the flow of tourism in the coming period.

Violet Island .. A trip to the land of Korean lavender

Banwol Island, located off the west coast of central South Korea, is one of the tourist attractions in South Korea with its distinctive design and uniqueness. A new tourist joins the list of the most beautiful islands and tourist attractions in the world.

Natural views

It takes 5 hours to reach the purple island by car or bus from the capital, Seoul, as the road is very interesting and full of beautiful landscapes that motivate to continue to reach the island, whose purple colors attract the eyes of visitors from the first sight. fishing boats and tourist yachts.

In addition, fields of lavender (or lavender) flowers are distributed on the outskirts of the island to form an exquisite visual painting that captures the heart. Although the island is limited to only 400 homes inhabited by 150 elderly people, the original inhabitants of the island who refused to travel with their children to the bustling cities of Korea to find jobs, they were right. incomparable to anything.

Violet Bridge

One of the distinctive places on Violet Island is the Purple Bridge, which many visitors prefer to take pictures and memorial clips with this natural masterpiece, and there are places to rent bicycles for 5,000 Korean won (equivalent to $ 4.21) per hour to wander around the quiet romantic island.

Lavender fields

In addition to all the purple facilities, you can tour the vast purple lavender flower fields to take souvenir photos, in addition to that, there is a cafe and two restaurants inside the island and a small hotel called the “Violet House”, which provides an opportunity to enjoy the sunset while petting the lavender flowers, and the cost of accommodation is up It has 50,000 Korean won, equivalent to 42 dollars per night, and you must visit the Purple Museum overlooking the sea, which tells the story of the island from the moment people enter it and the stages of its development from a quiet village to a world tourist destination par excellence.

Tips to reach

To reach the Purple Island, there are many ways, including the bus, or you can take the train from Incheon National Airport to Seoul, and then take the KTS train to reach Mokpo Station, and it is preferable to take the bus to “Anju-myeon” that will take you to the Purple Island.

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