A trip to Thailand: a luxury stay in the heart of nature

Do you dream of a trip in which you will renew your energy, and you do not know where?

 Far from all the familiar faces you might meet in any usual tourist destination, away from the bustling cities that force you to run from one tourist attraction to another and get you into a shopping frenzy, you wish there was a spot on the ground where you could shut down all these sounds, forget All your burdens, to where you can do a deep “detox” for your body, nerves and eyes, where nature embraces you from every side, without having to dispense with the luxury features provided by high-end hotels, this place is already there, and even ready to receive you.

Experience a luxury hotel accommodation in the heart of nature

Your new life in the heart of nature trip to Thailand

A trip to Thailand: a luxury stay in the heart of nature


Our destination is “Thailand”, we are not talking about honeymoon destinations, but we will direct you to the capital “Bangkok”, which is a new global destination for medical tourism, surrounded by the most famous and most efficient hospitals, the most luxurious shopping centers, embassies of the most important countries in the world, and the largest Massage and aromatherapy centers in the world, you are in safe hands capable of ridding your body of the burdens of long years of focusing on work and children and neglecting your personal health, all the places around you are dedicated to restoring your health and fitness, so that the place we have chosen for your stay is designed specifically to maintain your health in every its details.


A natural view that includes Lumpini Park and the clear Bangkok sky


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The latest luxury housing trends - trip to Thailand

One of the housing units for small families


From the airport directly to the heart of the capital, in a journey of less than 20 minutes, you will be in the arms of Bangkok's largest park, Lumpini Park, where the Dusit Central Park project is located, which occupies an area of ​​3.7 hectares from the heart of the capital, and offers a residence and investment experience. unparalleled in the world.

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The project, which cost more than one billion US dollars, consists of two giant skyscrapers for luxury housing, attached to a hotel, a mall and an office building, in addition to a giant garden located on the roof of the building, to provide a high-end and environmentally friendly housing experience that is unmatched anywhere in the world, implemented in cooperation between a chain of The famous Dusit Thani hotels and among the leading real estate company, Central Pattana.

All residential units are designed so that your eyes can only see the landscape and the clear Bangkok sky, no car exhaust and no noise, only degrees of greenery on top of each other, starting from your private garden, which rises from the ground seven floors, and passing through the "Lumpini" garden in the heart of the capital.

The swimming pools on the 29th floor are for Dusit Side Park residents.


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The Dusit Central Park project consists of two luxury residential skyscrapers, attached to a hotel, a mall and an office building.

Your family's health starts at home - trip to Thailand

Natural light enters every room in your home at Dusit Central Park

The air that enters you goes through stages of purification before it enters your home, thanks to the advanced HEPA filtration systems, capable of eliminating fine airborne pollution particles known as “PM2.5”. Isolates you from the heat outside and any annoying sounds; In order to enjoy nature without losing your nerves, the entire place is designed in the manner of “Feng Shui”, an ancient Chinese science concerned with positive energy, and looking for harmony with nature.


   Sitting areas designated for picnics for residents in Dusit Central Park

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