A new record in Dubai achieved by a diver

A new record in Dubai achieved by a diver .. He descended to the bottom of the deepest basin in the world and then rose to its surface in less than a minute

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Deep Dive Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is 60 meters deep and is the deepest diving basin in the world. Some may hesitate to dive in its waters even with the use of diving equipment, let alone diving to the bottom relying only on your lungs?

This is precisely what Alexei Molchanov, the world champion in free diving, did, who dived to a depth of 60 meters and returned to the surface of the water in a record time of only 57 seconds, according to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, on Wednesday.

With one breath, Molchanov reached the bottom of the 14 million liter tank and climbed again in less than a minute, surpassing all the records of his predecessors in the same place.

An operation that required two gallons of air to be trapped in his lungs

Molchanov managed to reach the bottom of the Deep Dive Dubai swimming pool, and climb back up again in just 57 seconds.

 While preparing himself for this test, Molchanov practiced a breathing exercise, "lung filling", which helps keep air in the lungs for as long as possible.

It is a breathing technique that allows him to hold up to two gallons of air in his lungs, according to Wam, and stay underwater for a few minutes at a time, a skill the Russian has mastered over many years of practice.

It should be noted that the human body is subjected to great pressures during free diving, and undergoes many changes that help it to adapt quickly underwater.

The aquarium is located within a 1,500 square meter facility in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai.

, Deep Dive Dubai Experienced divers like Molchanov must lower their heart rate by more than 50%, in order to equalize the pressure they are exposed to when diving deep underwater.

The lungs compensate for the increased pressure from diving, by expanding as needed to allow for changes that help the body adapt.

Deep Dive Dubai was opened in July 2021, and the basin reserved a space for it in the Guinness Book of Records after breaking the record for depth.

The site includes the "Sunken City", which divers of all levels can explore in every detail, and provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy free-diving and snorkeling experiences using diving equipment.

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