A comprehensive guide to basic travel needs

Travel Guide

 There are many essentials that the traveler needs during the tourist trip, so they must be packed in advance of the travel date so as not to lose sight of any important purpose of it. In this context, a comprehensive guide for all the necessary purposes during the travel trip.

Provide important documents and papers for travel

packing cubes

Not only do they save space in your suitcase, but they also divide belongings to easily see where everything is, this 5-piece set comes in several different sizes, separate laundry bags, and even small tags where you can note exactly what is in each cube.

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mobile phone case

WATERPROOF PHONE CASE No matter where the tourist vacation is, it is wise for the traveler to have a waterproof cover, especially if visiting a tropical place or in case the traveler will spend most of his time by the resort pool, not only will the phone stay in one piece of work, but He will also be able to take some great photos.

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A comprehensive guide to basic travel needs 2
Hand sanitizer preparation

power adapter

Adapter Connection Ports If a person is an international traveller, they will need an adapter for electronics, this device has global adaptability which means that coverage will be in more than 100 destinations around the world, from Greece to New Zealand to China, the traveler will be able to charge the phone, And my laptop, cameras, etc.

deodorant wipes

Whether the traveler is out for sightseeing, sweating and foul odor is inevitable, so the only solution to deal with this annoying problem is to provide deodorant wipes inside the travel bag, where they can be used at any time the traveler wants when he needs them while he is Outside, especially in hot and harsh weather.

travel towel

It is also recommended to provide a travel towel even if the traveler is staying in a tourist resort, as he will need it while spending time outside and doing outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and backpacking so it is recommended to provide for these roles to the fullest.

Hand sanitizer spray

Hand sanitizer spray is a must when traveling. People are exposed to germs every day while on vacation. This type of hand sanitizer that can be brought along will help ensure that the traveler stays clean and protected from infectious germs and viruses that may be transmitted easily.

phone charger

A lipstick-sized charger that can be used at any time while traveling or being in a place to easily charge a mobile phone, and it is also quick to carry and put inside any bag during the tour within the tourist destination.

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