Top Shops at Walt Disney for Kids

 Top Shops at Walt Disney for Kids

no secret Disney is expensive. Every time we go I am amazed at how many strollers I see weighed down with souvenirs in the signature Disney instead of children. Around every turn there are shops, kiosks, and carts filled with various Disney goods tempting guests to empty their wallets.

Top Shops at Walt Disney for Kids

We have a very strict way of handling our souvenir money. Every month I put a few dollars into a jar (old fashioned, I know) and that becomes our fun money. Once that money is gone, then we cannot buy any more souvenirs for the rest of the trip. Like I mentioned in my last post, ABCs of Travel, we try and limit ourselves to one souvenir a person. Any money leftover is either used for other travel expenses or saved for the next trip.

We are also very particular about where we spend our money. With so many shops to peruse at Disney World, it can get overwhelming knowing where to go for the best merchandise. Here are our favorite shops to peruse while at Walt Disney World.

The Art of Disney

I’ll admit, this shop is not on the list for the kids. It is my favorite Disney store. Unfortunately, we have  never purchased anything from The Art of Disney but I dream about one day owning a painting (or many) to hang in our home. Every painting is beautiful in its own way. There is something for every art lover and Disney fanatic in the family.

The Art of Disney is located in the Marketplace at Disney Springs. There is also a shop called Art of Disney located in Future World at Epcot.

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Castle Couture

Castle Couture is a must if you have a girl who loves princesses like I do. Here you will find all things Disney princess- costumes, accessories, dolls, clothing and everything else your little princess needs. Ladybug spent a lot of time in Castle Couture just admiring all the princess stuff- touching the dresses, and hugging the dolls, etc.- before settling on her one souvenir- a Princess Aurora costume.

Castle Couture is located next to Cinderella’s Castle in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom.

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The Chapeau

If a hat is what you’re looking for, The Chapeau is your place to shop. Choose from a wide variety of character hats from Mickey ears to Pluto. Or if a small souvenir is what you seek, The Chapeau also sells key chains. To make the experience extra special, you can have your name or the name of your child embroidered in the back of your Mickey Ears for an added fee. The Chapeau is the perfect place for your little Disney fan to receive their first pair of ears.

The Chapeau is located in Main Street, USA in Magic Kingdom.

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It seems you can buy just about anything at the Emporium. Here you can find stuffed Disney characters, clothing and books to certain forms of media and accessories like DVDs and cell phone cases. The Emporium is also one of our go to places when we need a break from the Florida heat. Being the Disney fan that I am, I can spend hours in the Emporium just browsing.

The Emporium is located in Main Street, USA in Magic Kingdom.

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The Pirate’s League

The Pirate’s League is another shop in which I have never purchased anything. But both kids and adults alike get a kick out of browsing through all the weird and silly pirate stuff in this souvenir shop off of Pirates of the Caribbean.  If you have a young (or old) pirate in the family, this is definitely worth spending a few minutes of your time even if you don’t buy anything.

The Pirate’s League is located in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom.

There is a shop for everyone at Disney World. Part of the fun of a trip to the “Land of Mickey” is looking for that special thing to take home to remember your trip. But take heed- souvenir shopping has a way of destroying your budget if you’re not careful. So have fun in the shops, but watch your spending as to not suffer buyer’s remorse later.

What are your favorite shops at Walt Disney World?

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