Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Visit Germany

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Once a strong kingdom and having the world’s most tremendous governments, Germany currently is an economic power with a significant wealth of attractions which includes magnificent olden churches, world-class galleries and breathtaking scenery dotted with attractive medieval villages as well as fairy-tale castles. In case you’re still not influenced, here are the best reasons for why should you visit Germany.

Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Visit Germany

1. Beer

It’s considered as the general drink of Germans. The beers are manufactured with different brands and varieties. These mean that while going to this nation, you should try various kinds of beer as much as you can and choose if you like something in specific. They also boast a beer festival that is done annually at Munich during the October month. For the beer freaks this certainly is the main reason for why should you visit Germany.

2. Christmas

You must go to Germany during the time of Christmas, since this is where every magic begins. It’s actually where the idea of Christmas tree initially originates along with the Advent wreath. You’ll also see the normal candy canes, nutcrackers and gingerbread houses

3. World War and Classical Music

While visiting this country, you’d find various World War landmarks like the Nazi party ground, Eagles’ Nest and Military Museum at Dresden. This nation is also the house of the famous traditional composers like Beethoven, Handel and Bach. Their compositions are often played in the country’s churches and opera houses.

4. Great spot for car lovers

In case you always speak “bolts & nuts” then heading to Germany is where your dreams come true. It’s the home to brands such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche and BMWs. Going to the Gottlieb Daimler Gallery and Mercedes-Benz Gallery is a necessity for car devotees out there. The nation is also one among the leading motor sports country across the world.

5. Great value for currency

When someone asks why should you visit Germany this could be the best reason. Compared with UK, living at Germany would afford you more stretch for your currency. You may park your vehicle and pay only two Euros every hour when compared to paying eight Euros in UK. It’s also somewhat easy for an UK citizen to book a plane in Germany and dwell in a five star lodging house for numerous days and not upset one’s pocket than travelling by train to London and dwell in a three star hotel.

For the majority of people, Germany is the country that is filled of surprises which awaits their visitors. Along with its rich story as well as culture, travellers would be amazed at just how wonderful this nation can get when they discover its loveliness during their stay. On the other hand you need not have be too concerned while it comes to the travelling on a budget. Germany is the best of those countries that gives you the maximum value for you currency.

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