Tips to Enjoy Edinburgh During Your Trip

Edinburgh is such an amazing historical city that has a lot to offer. You can find 18th-century buildings that remain alive even now. You can also head to the rural parts of the area where you can relax and forget about the bustling noise of the place where you came from. If you already finalised your decision to visit Edinburgh, you need to remember these tips to have a fantastic vacation.

Tips to Enjoy Edinburgh During Your Trip

Take the steps

You can find lots of steps around the city with amazing designs. Some of them have been around for centuries, and they remain safe to use. You can take a walk around Edinburgh while enjoying these steps. Some of them are long and winding but are still worth trying.

Head to the seaside

  • Not everyone thinks of Edinburgh if their goal is to visit the coast. The truth is that the city has a seaside village which is only a few minutes from the city centre.
  •  You can find some of the best fish and chips in the area.
  •  You can also walk along the beach or have a solitary time. The Newhaven Harbour and Short in Leith are among the best options.

Take a boat trip

You can’t leave Edinburgh without seeing the Union Canal. It is a perfect place for a canal boat ride. Who says you can only do this activity in Venice? In Edinburgh, you can also have a romantic trip while seated on a lovely boat while seeing the best the city can offer.

Head to Edinburgh University

You don’t need to go in to appreciate the beauty of the university. Most people come here to take a photo of the architectural style. You don’t need to interact with the students since the area can get busy during school days.

Taste a Brazilian delicacy

It might seem crazy for you to visit Edinburgh to taste a Brazilian dessert, but Brazil Crepes at Lauriston Place is something you can’t miss. If you are health-conscious, you don’t need to worry because these crepes are gluten-free. You can also have fresh juice to pair with your crepe, as you watch performers dancing to Brazilian music.

Don’t go to tourist bars

Of course, bars are an asset of Edinburgh, and some people visit the city to have fun in a local bar. You don’t need to visit the touristy bars to enjoy the local scene. You can find small bars in local neighbourhoods that have a welcoming atmosphere.

Shop on a side street

Edinburgh’s side streets are vibrant and bustling. You can find vintage shops, cheese markets, old bookshops, antique products, and small boutiques. You can go to these areas if you want to take something home to your friends.

Stay in luxury accommodation

While you are in the city, you can enjoy it even more if you choose to stay in Edinburgh apartments. These are state-of-the-art luxury apartments with a fantastic view of the city. You will feel at home even while you are hundreds of miles away from home.

With these tips, you can enjoy Edinburgh.

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