Three Reasons Why Vienna is the Perfect Cultural Break

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With its rich musical history, incredible cuisine and diverse people, it’s no wonder that Austria’s capital has so much to offer the culture-lover of today. If you want towering architecture, medieval streets adorned with street sellers, countless museums and perfectly-manicured lawns, then this is the holiday for you.

Still need convincing? Then read on to discover the three main reasons why Vienna is the perfect cultural break.

Three Reasons Why Vienna is the Perfect Cultural Break

  1. There’s a museum for everyone

Which would you prefer? To gaze in awe at priceless artworks, or to be inspired by the wonders of science? Luckily for you, Vienna has a multitude of museums that cover everything from fine art to science and nature. If it’s art that’s your passion, you could drop by Kunsthistorisches, the largest museum in Austria, before heading on to the Albertina. This museum houses one of the largest print rooms in the world, holding approximately 65,000 drawings and one million old master prints.

To see how the Imperials of old lived in past Vienna, head for the Hofburg Museum, as the three exhibits here provide visitors with insights into daily life at court. On the other hand, the Vienna Museum of Natural History has been building its collection of artefacts for over 250 years, so it’s not surprising that it has now reached as much as 30 million objects devoted to everything from precious stones and meteorites, to prehistoric cave art and the animal kingdom.

  1. There are hidden treasures everywhere

Not only will you find spectacular examples of 18th century architecture around every corner in Vienna, but most of the medieval old town has been perfectly preserved. Stop by one of the many street sellers and pick up some traditional souvenirs, before heading off to St Stephen’s Cathedral. You’ll have to crane your neck skyward in order to take in all of it’s beauty though, as this incredible building consecrated in 1147 stands 224ft high.

After that, you can take in some of the musical culture instead. Why not go for some traditional Viennese cuisine in one of the many bars and restaurants before taking in the Vienna Opera scene – Carmen? Madame Butterfly? The Marriage of Figaro? You can see them all right here.

3. It’s perfect for nature-lovers too

Lovers of the natural world can also find plenty to do in Vienna. For one, the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace house four separate greenhouses, but the Palmenhaus in particular will not disappoint. As one of the largest botanical exhibits in the world, it houses a staggering 4,500 plant species.

Also in the grounds of the Palace you’ll find a unique zoological experience in the form of the Vienna Zoo. Aside from being one of the only zoos in the world to care for Giant Pandas, Tiergarten Schönbrunn is the oldest zoo in the world and has a top reputation for conservation work – it even has a simulation Amazon rainforest!

Are you heading to Vienna this year? Let me know what you’re planning by leaving me a comment.

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